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NFL Combine Features Large Men Running

What happens when a bunch of really large men try to run fast? Well, if you are at SB Nation, the video gets set to "Chariots of Fire."

The NFL Combine features hundreds of potential draft prospects trying to raise their draft stock. As they complete their drills, players are rated on how well they perform, and general managers and coaches begin adjusting their draft big boards, confirming or denying questions they may have had about individual players.

For fans, we love watching the players compete in the drills, and draft bandwagons will be based solely on performances by prospects during this week.

The most watched event is the 40-yard dash, with players all trying to show exactly how fast they are running on a turf field in their underwear. Maybe the best part is watching 300-pound offensive linemen run. Of course, they (usually) don't run that fast, with their....largeness?....hampering their performance.

And, if you are at SB Nation, you immediately take that video, marry it to the theme from Chariots of Fire, and you have the above video.