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The Splash Zone 3/8/18: Jarvis Landry Frustrated With Market

Welcome to the Splash Zone, the quickest way to get your day started off right. We bring you a rundown of Miami Dolphins news from the last 24 hours.

Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphins Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Jarvis Landry wants a nice contract, one that involves around $14 million per year. However, Landry is starting to see that he may not be that valuable at that price. One of the teams interested in him believes he is worth more than $10 million. But why try to get Landry when you can get Sammy Watkins or Allen Robinson without giving up any compensation.

You can check out that story here, and the rest of the day’s round-up below.

Is Jarvis Landry finding the market softer than he expected? | Miami Herald
Everyone with an internet connection reported during the weekend that Jarvis Landry would soon sign his franchise tag. He has not. Has his thinking changed?

Stephen Ross

Dolphins owner stuck in middle of NFL anthem-kneeling controversy | Miami Herald
Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has been called a hypocrite and two-faced for his attitude about players kneeling during the national anthem. He is neither. He is a man trying to balance idealism with pragmatism. Meanwhile receiver Kenny Stills is showing that hands-on activism matters even more than symbolic gestures.

Dolphins Quarterbacks

NFL Draft: ESPN’s McShay has Dolphins picking between Mayfield, Rosen | The Daily Dolphin
If the Dolphins stay at No. 11 in the first-round of next month’s NFL Draft, many believe they’ll get the last choice of the four top quarterback prospects. That’s assuming they aren’t gone by then.

NFL Draft 2018: 5 Reasons why Baker Mayfield fits with Miami Dolphins | The Daily Dolphin
At this point, it would not be surprising if the Miami Dolphins selected a quarterback with the 11th pick in the NFL Draft. And this is not a reflection on Adam Gase's feelings about Ryan Tannehill. Gase really respects and believes that Tannehill, if healthy, can do a good enough job.

Dolphins Defensive Line

Miami Dolphins have many defensive ends | Miami Herald
The Miami Dolphins have spent and continue spending resources on pass rushers to the point they may have too many to give everyone a role that fits their salary.

Dolphins Offseason

Dolphins weighing options at tight end, linebacker and Suh | Miami Herald
Teams can begin talking to free agents from other teams on Monday and sign them as soon as March 14. And the Miami Dolphins are considering their options.

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