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The Splash Zone 11/16/17: Dolphins Run Defense Has Been Historically Bad

Welcome to the Splash Zone, the quickest way to get your day started off right. We bring you a rundown of Miami Dolphins news from the last 24 hours.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

For the past three games, the Dolphins defense has been just plain bad. This defense looked like it was going to be one of the better ones in the league at the start of the season. But since the Ravens game, the defense has gotten worse. It seems like everyone is just running and passing all over this defense right now.

You can check out that story here, and the rest of the day's round-up below.

Stats don’t lie: Miami Dolphins’ run defense historically bad past three weeks | The Daily Dolphin
DAVIE — With the Dolphins on a three-game losing streak, it’s no surprise that this latest installment of "Stats don’t lie" offers a ton of sobering numbers. But if you want to figure out solutions, you must first identify the problems.

Dolphins Quarterbacks

Stephen A. Smith: Dolphins ‘Jay Cutler is a disease’
Jay Cutler had a moment in Monday night’s game against the Carolina Panthers.

Dolphins Running Backs

Kenyan Drake: Miami Dolphins’ running game minus Ajayi inching toward ‘where we need to be’ | The Daily Dolphin
FORT LAUDERDALE — We’ve all known about The Rock. And Michael Irvin. And Ed Reed, who was on the UM sideline Saturday night. In addition to longtime Hurricanes supporters, it seems the University of Miami football team is getting bandwagon fans from unexpected places.

Dolphins Wide Receivers

It’s time for DeVante Parker to be Miami Dolphins’ Demaryius; Thomas | The Daily Dolphin
When a Miami Dolphins quarterback throws DeVante Parker the ball, good things happen. And it doesn't matter if it's Ryan Tannehill or Matt Moore or Jay Cutler. And so what this means is that the Dolphins must throw Parker the ball more and more and more, starting now.

Dolphins 2017 Season

5 Miami Dolphins Snap Conclusions after beatdown by Panthers | The Daily Dolphin
Julius Thomas (43 snaps, 75 percent). Thomas scored a 2-yard touchdown on a shovel pass from Jay Cutler. Other than that, it wasn't pretty. Thomas had 2 catches on 5 targets for 8 yards. The Daily Dolphin has seen enough. Fetch isn't happening. A Julius Thomas renaissance isn't happening.

AC in the AM: Dolphins Can’t Let This Stretch Define Season
What now? That’s the question the Dolphins must ask themselves after their third straight defeat, a very humbling 24-point loss to the Carolina Panthers. On the day after the night, there were no easy answers.

Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football another NFL television ratings disaster for ESPN | Miami Herald
The Monday Night Football game featuring the Miami Dolphins was a ratings disaster for ESPN.

The Tape Don’t Lie: Miami Dolphins at Carolina Panthers, a review | The Daily Dolphin
The Miami Dolphins need to try something different after three consecutive losses on national television, two in catastrophic fashion. So The Daily Dolphin felt like trying something a little different in this week's film study.

Phinsider News You May Have Missed

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Welcome to the Splash Zone, the quickest way to get your day started off right. We bring you a rundown of Miami Dolphins news from the last 24 hours.

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Film doesn’t lie, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a rich discussion to be had.

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The Miami Dolphins...

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Kevin Clark of The Ringer reaches out to the hosts of the NFL RedZone Channel to rank the teams that thrive when given the spotlight.

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