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Looking for your feedback

Phinsider family loses one of our own

Phinsider Survivor Picks Pool

Welcome to the 2016 regular season!

Welcoming a new author to The Phinsider

The Phinsider signs up for DCC VII

Memorial Day 2016

It's Memorial Day. Please take a moment to remember the reason we have the day.

Featured Fanshot

Keith is heading to the NFL Draft for us!

Featured Fanshot

Phinsider Radio joining Dolphins team of sites sharing content

Phinsider Radio will soon be bringing you a little closer to the team. This is great news for the Phinsider community and a credit to the work Keith Beebe has been doing in developing and refining the show! We will bring more details soon.

Announcing a new author to The Phinsider

Welcoming a new author to The Phinsider team.

The Phinsider welcomes a new moderator

The power of the ban hammer has been given to another member of the site.

Welcoming a new member to the Phinsider authors

Phinsider Top Active Members for 2015

Every January, we take a look back at the previous year's top commenters, FanPoster, and FanShot creator.

Welcome our newest Phinsider author

Merry Christmas from The Phinsider

Merry Christmas to all of you out there.

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all of you out there who have served and those who continue to serve.

New author: Welcome back Matthew Cannata!

Like The Phinsider on Facebook - Keep up with us

We have over 16,000 members on this site - but only 4,000 likes on Facebook. Something doesn't seem right about that. Help make us one of the top Facebook sites in the SB Nation NFL blogs.

Memorial Day 2015

It's Memorial Day. Let's take a minute to remember why we have this holiday.

Phinsider 2014 member stats

Our look at The Phinsider stats for comments, FanPosts, and FanShots.

Dallas at Miami live thread roll call

We take roll call of everyone who contributed to our live thread as the Miami Dolphins beat the Dallas Cowboys 25-20 in their Preseason Week 3 contest.

Roll call for Dolphins vs Buccaneers Live Threads

We bring back a favorite from last year: our live thread roll call. This year, we add some new features.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day from the Phinsider to all of you. Just a reminder about what this day really means.

Featured Fanshot

Happy Mother's Day!

For all of our readers that qualify....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

New Phinsider author

Our Phinsider team add another new author today.

Featured Fanshot

Phinsider Community Public Service Announcement

New author joining the team

We have a new author joining the Phinsider team today. Join me in welcoming Matthew Cannata to the site.

NCAA Tournament Pick'Em Pool

It's time for March Madness, so, of course, we have a Phinsider pool set up. Come join.

New author joins the Phinsider team

I am happy to announce we have a new member of the Phinsider team. Please join me in welcoming mloiselle34!

Phinsider Rules of the Road plus Tips & Tidbits

Phinsider Rules of the Road plus Tips & Additional Tidbits

Introduce yourself to The Phinsider

The Phinsider has seen a huge increase in members of the past few months. So, why not take a moment and introduce yourself!

Goodbye Green Goo

The Phinsider has been updated in a subtle, yet important way today. Gone are the days of green goo for "rec'd" comments. Now, we fall more in line with the colors of the site - and the Miami Dolphins. Check it out.

New capability on the site: Contextual sharing

Have you ever read a line on the Phinsider and thought, "I would really like to tweet that exact sentence out to the world?" Well, now you can do exactly that.

Phinsider Top Active Members in 2013

The Phinsider is a community of members commenting, posting, and sharing. Today, we take a look at the members with the most comments, FanPosts, and FanShots for 2013.

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all who served and serve today.