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Miami Dolphins fan confidence survey Week 4: Will we ever see 70 points again?

The Miami Dolphins are coming off a historic 70-point performance in Week 3. How are fans feeling heading into Week 4 and a showdown with the Buffalo Bills?

Dolphins fan confidence remains steady after 2-0 start, Week 3 vs. Broncos looming

As the Miami Dolphins head into Week 3 of the 2023 season, the fan confidence in the direction of the team is holding steady near an all-time high.

Dolphins fan confidence poll Week 3 2023: How do you feel about the direction of Miami?

How are you feeling about the Miami Dolphins’ 2023 season?

Miami Dolphins fans positive about direction of team, expect Tua Tagovailoa to be MVP candidate

Our newest SB Nation Reacts poll results are here, and the fans are overwhelmingly supporting the team.

Miami Dolphins fan concerns as regular season approaches

The 2023 NFL regular season kicks off in less than a week. Miami Dolphins fans are not bought in on every position group on the roster.

Dolphins roster 2023: What is your biggest areas of concern for Miami?

The Miami Dolphins have created their initial 53-man roster for 2023. With the cuts made, where are your concerns?

Dolphins fans excited about Vic Fangio addition, expect Jonathan Taylor trade

The Miami Dolphins kick off their third-and-final preseason game of the year later tonight. We take a look at some of the expectations the fans have for Miami ahead of the regular season.

Should the Dolphins trade for Jonathan Taylor? Who will be the biggest 2023 addition to the team? We want your thoughts

Our SB Nation Reacts fan survey is back to get your thoughts as the Miami Dolphins’ 2023 training camp comes to a close.

Dolphins fans confident in direction of team, expect change at guard for 2023 season

The Miami Dolphins are preparing to play their second preseason game of the year later today. The fans seem confident in the direction of the team this year but are not sold that Liam Eichenberg will hold on to the left guard position.

Dolphins Reacts Survey Preseason 1: Offensive line, Cornerbacks position battles

Who will start at left guard and cornerback for the Miami Dolphins in 2023? We want your thoughts.

Dolphins fans confident and worried about offense in 2023

The Miami Dolphins are heading into the 2023 season with a high-powered offense, but fans are still worried about one aspect of the team.

Miami Dolphins fan survey: How do you feel about the offense and defense in 2023?

What side of the ball makes you feel the most confidence this year? What worries you?

Miami Dolphins 2023 depth chart: Strongest position group

Which position group do the fans think is the strongest for the Miami Dolphins in 2023?

Dolphins schedule release 2023: How many primetime games should Miami have this year?

Dolphins 2023 draft grades: Fans see Miami’s rookie class as a solid addition to the team

The Miami Dolphins used their four draft picks this year to add developmental players who should provide solid depth as they grow into the NFL. Fans seem to approve of the picks.

2023 Miami Dolphins draft grade: How do you view Miami’s rookie class?

Did you love the Miami Dolphins’ 2023 NFL Draft? Did you hate it? Here is your chance to give a grade for the team’s picks.

Miami Dolphins 2023 Draft: Should the Dolphins have traded into first round? You did not think so

The Miami Dolphins did not have a first-round pick in this year’s NFL Draft. The fans seem okay with that.

Should the Dolphins have traded into the first round? SB Nation Reacts wants to know

The Miami Dolphins did not have a pick in the first round yesterday. Should they have made a move to jump into the first 31 picks?

NFL Draft 2023: Needs for Miami Dolphins and fan expectations

What are the Miami Dolphins needs for the NFL Draft? What do you want to see them do with the 54th overall pick? Come let us know.

Dolphins free agency grades 2023: Fans give high marks for Miami’s moves

The Miami Dolphins used the free agency period to bolster their defense and set themselves up for a playoff run in 2023. How do fans think they did?

Miami Dolphins free agency 2023 poll: Grading the moves and remaining needs

The Miami Dolphins have had a busy start to the 2023 free agency period. How would you grade what the Dolphins have done and where is their biggest remaining need?

Miami Dolphins fan confidence poll: Season end edition

Dolphins fan confidence continues to increase; Fans see 2023 as successful year

The Miami Dolphins made it to the playoffs for the first time since 2016. The fans seem to be happy with the progress of the team.

Dolphins fan reaction survey: Are you confident in the team? What is a successful season?

Dolphins fan confidence with slight rebound in Week 18; Fans not expecting playoff berth

The Miami Dolphins head into the final week of the 2022 regular season with a chance to make the playoffs. But will they? Should they? Our fan confidence poll for Week 18 asked these questions.

Dolphins Reacts Survey Week 18: Fan confidence and playoff chances

Will the Dolphins make the playoffs? Should they? We want to know your thoughts.

Dolphins fan confidence falls off cliff for Week 17

After a fourth-straight loss by the Miami Dolphins, fan confidence in the direction of the team has plummeted.

How are fans feeling as Dolphins loses four straight? Week 17 SB Nation Reacts fan confidence poll

Dolphins fan confidence picks up in Week 16 ahead of Packers game

Fan confidence in the direction of the Miami Dolphins rebounds in Week 16 despite three-straight losses.

Dolphins Reacts Survey: How are Miami fans feeling in Week 16?

The Miami Dolphins are in the midst of the three-game winning streak, but still control their own path to the playoffs. How are fans feeling about the direction of the team?

Dolphins fan confidence plummets as team loses two straight, faces Bills in Week 15

Miami Dolphins fans begin to jump ship after back-to-back losses by the team.

Dolphins fan confidence remains among league best in Week 14 SB Nation Reacts poll

Miami Dolphins fans continue to see the team headed in the right direction.

Dolphins fan confidence in Week 13 ticks down slightly

The Miami Dolphins are preparing to face the San Francisco 49ers in Week 13. The confidence Dolphins fans have in the direction of the team sees a slight tick down.

Dolphins fan confidence remains near perfect in Week 12

The Miami Dolphins come off their bye week to face the Houston Texans. Dolphins fans remain highly confident in the direction of the team.

Dolphins fan confidence ties all-time high in Week 11; 12 wins expected in 2022

The 2022 Miami Dolphins are 7-3, lead the AFC East, and look like a team that can be a factor in the AFC this year. The fans are expecting it now.

Dolphins Reacts Survey Week 11: 2022 wins, toughest remaining game, fan confidence

The Miami Dolphins head into their bye week on a four-game winning streak and in second place in the AFC. How are the fans feeling about the team?


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