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Daewood Davis injury update as Dolphins wide receiver released from hospital

A head injury to wide receiver Daewood Davis led to the end of Miami’s game against Jacksonville when the rookie was taken to the hospital. On Sunday morning, the team announced Davis had been released from the hospital.

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Update (8/27, 10:15 a.m. ET): The Miami Dolphins released an update on wide receiver Daewood Davis on Sunday morning:

Dolphins WR Daewood Davis has been released from the hospital. He will travel home to Miami today with team personnel.

Miami Dolphins rookie wide receiver Daewood Davis appeared to be knocked unconscious with 8:32 remaining in the team’s 2023 Preseason Week 3 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday. On a 3rd-and-3 play, Dolphins quarterback James Blackman threw a pass to Davis, looking to pick up the first down. Davis was hit in the side of the head by linebacker Dequan Jackson, a hit that appeared to knock out Davis as he was spun to the ground. The receiver lay flat on his face on the turf before medical personnel were able to arrive. He was immobilized on a backboard and was taken by cart off the field before being transported to Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville.

The Dolphins released a statement after the game providing a little good news in a tough situation:

Dolphins WR Daewood Davis suffered an injury in tonight’s game and has been taken to Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville for further evaluation. He is conscious and has movement in all extremities.

After Davis was taken off the field, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel, Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson, and the referees met at midfield to discuss the way forward. They were then joined by each team’s NFL Players Association representative, defensive tackle Christian Wilkins for Miami and kicker Brandon McManus for Jacksonville. Together, they decided to suspend the game, effectively calling the game complete with 8:32 left on the clock. Jacksonville won the game 31-18.

Once the decision to call the game was made, McDaniel met with the media. He explained the move to suspend the game, saying, “The collection of the two NFLPA representatives, Doug (Pederson) and myself made the right call, in that, the two teams agreed that football shouldn’t be played anymore tonight. Without a shadow of a doubt, I know that was the right call, so I’m proud of the collective group for doing the right thing. Our guys are hurting but relieved.”

He continued, saying, “The emotional roller coaster was real because there were a lot of guys in the game, himself included, that the teammates were really pumped to be in the game. You get opportunities to make plays. There’s not really a playbook for things of that nature. You could see in the collective faces of both teams, their mind was not on playing football at all. So I thought it wasn’t appropriate to play football.”

Davis joined the Dolphins as an undrafted free agent out of Western Kentucky. He also played for Oregon during his college career.

McDaniel, getting choked up, said of Davis, “He’s a great spirit first and foremost. In an offensive meeting early in camp, he did a rookie event. He sang a little song, then told a story, and you could see the rest of the offense from that point on...he’s magnetic. He’s got a cool personality to him. The guys really saw that from then on, the receivers already knew it, but from then it, he is a guy that his teammates really root for. That tells you everything you need to know about a human being because in a locker room of individuals who spend so much time together, there’s no hiding the good thing or the bad things. Who you are really is put out there. He is a popular guy on our team because of the way he works. I have had such a pleasure in his development process and was excited for a couple of opportunities he was going to get.”

“More than anything, we are just hoping for a full recovery. We’ve had some good news and are hopeful for some even better news,” McDaniel said. “I just really wanted to make sure our guys to know there is no right way to feel. We all signed up for this sport. Love this sport. And it is conflicting when you see one of your brothers go down in that fashion. I just wanted to make sure they knew there is no way to feel. But, to make sure you tell your loved ones you love them and to not take your teammates and your loved ones for granted.”