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DeVante Parker injury update is not good - maybe

San Francisco 49ers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins held on - by two yards - to a 31-24 win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. During the game, second-year wide receiver DeVante Parker had to leave the game after attempting to make a catch on the sideline and appearing to land hard on his tailbone. Officially listed as a back injury, Parker was questionable to return for the game, but never made it back.

After the game, the immediate impression is, the injury is not a good one:

Parker, of course, tried to down play the injury and brace:

Hopefully the injury really is nothing, and the back brace is simply a precaution. Parker has broken out over the last few weeks after dealing with a lingering hamstring injury for much of the first half of the season. On Sunday, he had three receptions for 64 yards, with two more passes, one in the endzone and the one on the sideline ending in the injury, that were a toe-tap away from being completed.

The Dolphins next play at the Baltimore Ravens on December 4. Parker’s injury status will have to be watched throughout the week.