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Sam Brenner injured during Dolphins training camp

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Miami Dolphins backup center Sam Brenner was taken off the practice field on a cart Tuesday morning.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have spent the early part of training camp developing guard Shelley Smith in his new role as the team's starting center, replacing Pro Bowler Mike Pouncey, who tore the labrum in his hip and had to undgo surgery to repair it.  Behind Smith, the team had Sam Brenner in the wings, serving as the understudy to Smith.

Now, it appears they may be looking for another center.

Brenner was taken off the practice field this morning on a cart.  The Dolphins do not discuss injuries to players, so, while head coach Joe Philbin will likely be asked about Brenner's status during his post-practice press conference, there likely will not be an official update from the team. 

How serious the injury is, or exactly what kind of injury it is, is still unknown.  Brenner was not wearing his right shoe as he left on the cart and early indications are it is something with that right leg.

Replacing Brenner as the backup center is utility-lineman Nate Garner, who has been primarily working as a backup tackle in training camp.  Behind Garner is center Tyler Larson.