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Ryan Tannehill injury limits him in practice

The Miami Dolphins held practice on Wednesday, followed by the release of their first injury report of the week. Surprisingly, quarterback Ryan Tannehill was included on the list.

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On Sunday, Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill injured his shoulder.  It wasn't an injury that even got much notice.  He came off the field holding his arm a little limp, and then was over on the sideline moving it around, but backup quarterback Matt Moore never got up to start warming up, and Tannehill finished the game.  End of story, right?


The Dolphins issued their first injury report of the week as they prepare to face the Atlanta Falcons this weekend.  Smack in the middle of it was Tannehill, listed as limited with a right shoulder injury.

Tannehill met with the media on Wednesday, his normal press availability day, and did not say anything about not completing practice.  The media did not know about the "limited" status until after the press conference, when the team and the league released the official injury report.

Basically, all we know is Tannehill missed something at practice.  According to league rules, to be limited, the player must not complete all portions of practice he would normally complete.  This could mean the team decided to let him rest the shoulder, and gave Moore additional reps.  This could mean, once the media left the first few minutes of practice, the only portion they are allowed to see, Tannehill was shut down for the rest of practice.  There's just no way to know.

But, of course this will be a story the rest of the week.  The Dolphins do not practice on Thursday, so perhaps the team just wanted to give Tannehill two straight days to rest his arm.  The next time we will get a report with any actual meaning behind it is Friday, when the team issues their final report of the week.  Tomorrow's practice report is completely made up for Miami, since they won't be practicing.

Head Coach Joe Philbin will meet with the media Friday after practice in his normal week ending press conference.  Expect lots of Tannehill questions - and expect no real answers.

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