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Mike Pouncey injury: Doctors looking to avoid surgery

Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey missed the team's game this past Sunday thanks to a gallbladder infection. According to a report, doctors are trying to treat Pouncey via medication rather than surgery to try to get the center back on the field sooner.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have been fighting a war of attrition this year when it comes to their offensive linemen. Suspension, defections, injuries, and illness have all taken their toll, and the Dolphins have spent the season arranging and rearranging the lineup. Now, the team is trying to get good news for the first time this season.

Veteran center Mike Pouncey, who missed his first game as a pro this weekend when a gallbladder infection landed him in the hospital. Doctors are trying to fight the infection with medication, according to NFL Network's Jeff Darlington, in an effort to avoid surgery. If it's successful, Pouncey could return to the team much sooner than if removing the gallbladder is required.

There's no indication if Pouncey will or will not be available this weekend as the Dolphins host the Carolina Panthers.

Darlington explains that Pouncey is simply going to try to deal with the pain, but if he is unable to continue playing, surgery could still be required.

If Pouncey is unable to play this weekend, Nate Garner will likely fill in for him at center again.

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