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Happy Memorial Day

Once again, we have reached Memorial Day. This day means a lot to me personally, so, as usual, I want to take a moment to reflect on the meaning of the holiday.

Kevin Nogle

Another year has passed, and we are back to Memorial Day. As you enjoy the holiday, I ask that you take a moment to remember why we have this holiday. Although no one will ever complain about the celebrations for the military taking place all around the country, and every time you see a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, or Coast Guardsman, and say thank you, it's always appreciated, today is not about the living. Today is a day to remember those who died in service to our country.

Today is about all the men and women who are buried in Arlington National Cemetery, the countless military cemeteries around the country, all the battlefields around the world, and the ones that may never come home. Today is a day to say thank you to the men and women who gave everything they could to defend us.

Today is a day to remember Soldiers like Sergeant Christopher Taylor, Specialist Russell Nahvi, Sergeant Arthur Mora, Specialist Jose Rosario, Captain Kevin Smith, Special Lex Nelson, Specialist Joseph Lucas, Sergeant First Class Jonathan Lowery, Sergeant Benjamin Portell, Captain Rowdy Inman, Staff Sergeant Bryant Mackey, Staff Sergeant Chad Caldwell, Specialist Alex Gonzalez, Sergeant Jose Redalado, Specialist Corey Shea, Corporal Andrew Wilfahrt, and Private First Class Robert Friese.

Enjoy the BBQs, boats, baseball, and all the things that make today, and every day in this country great. Just take a moment today to remember why we have the ability to enjoy all of those.

And, since I mentioned it in last year's post about Memorial Day, today marks 101 days until the start of the NFL season on September 5.