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Madden 20

Madden 23: First look at Miami Dolphins EDGE Bradley Chubb and RB Jeff Wilson Jr. in Madden

Here’s the first look (I think) at Bradley Chubb and Jeff Wilson Jr. on the Miami Dolphins in EA Sports Madden NFL 2023. #FinsUP

Madden 23 Player Ratings: Which Dolphins players saw their ratings go up after Miami’s 20-7 win over the New England Patriots

Madden NFL 23 | Miami Dolphins Week 1 simulation vs. New England Patriots


Madden NFL 23: The internet was upset that Dolphins’ CB Xavien Howard wasn’t a top-10 cornerback in Madden 23

And I get it, completely.

Madden NFL 23: Player Ratings for Dolphins’ linebackers and defensive ends revealed

And Fans are NOT happy!!!!!

Madden 23 Player Ratings | A look at the Miami Dolphins WR and TE ratings in EA Sports Madden 23


Madden 22 | Tua Tagovailoa’s Madden rating drops with latest Week 2 roster update

"i felt blindsided, bamboozled, and hoodwinked!"

Madden 21: Miami Dolphins vs Seattle Seahawks Simulation

Miami is currently 1-2 at

Madden 21: Week 1 Miami Dolphins roster update

Here are the latest changes to the Miami Dolphins roster in Madden 21

Dolphins vs Ravens: Madden 20 simulation predicts week 1 blowout loss

Madden 20 predicts the winner of the Dolphins week 1 matchup vs Baltimore