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The Phinsider 2020 Fantasy Football League - Team Announcement

Congratulations to the eight members selected to join this year’s league! Send me an email to get your invite.

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Welcome to our 2020 The Phinsider Fantasy Football League! Last week we asked for anyone interested in joining our league this year to leave a comment in the sign up article. We had 27 people reply. I then took those 27 people, put them in the list randomizer at, and came up with the eight members who will join Houtz (our 2019 defending champion) and me in this year’s league.

The league is on ESPN, so make sure you have a log in for that site. I ask that you name your team your login for here on The Phinsider until everyone has joined. It makes it easy for me to identify who has not joined, so I can try to reach out to them or move to an alternate.

All you have to do now is send me an email if you are on the list below. I will then use that email address to send you an invite to the league. (thephinsider at sbnation dot com)

I was asked in the signup why we do not do a 12-team league, given we have enough interest. Honestly, it is simply a matter of learning from previous years. We have tried to have the league at 12, and we just did not get everyone to join before the draft and we saw multiple people quit the league mid-season. It just became better for the people involved to keep it at 10.

Here are the eight people who were selected by the randomizer:

  1. Phinaholic - Joined
  2. Saskatchefin - Joined
  3. Charles Tatum - Joined
  4. KarenL - Joined
  5. wildzionbeaver - Invite sent
  6. Frustratedin2017 - Joined
  7. FishinFresno - Invite sent
  8. Scrapaaay - Invite sent

Here are the first five alternates. I will make another post if I need you to join:



David Leal



Numbers one through eight, please send me an email. We are still looking to do the draft next Saturday. Thanks.