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The Phinsider Fantasy Football League: Team announcements

Manchester United v Real Madrid - International Champions Cup 2018 Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images

The 2019 edition of The Phinsider Fantasy Football League is one step closer to getting started. I took all 45 people who signed up for this year’s league and placed them in the list randomizer. Below are the results.

The top seven people make the league for this year. The rest of the list will be used as alternates in case someone does not join the league. If you are one of the seven below, make sure you email me as soon as possible so I can get you the invite. (If I already have your email address, you have received the invite)

We have previously held this league as a 12-team league, since superfknmario_ asked about that in the signup post. I am not against a 12-team league, but we usually struggle to get all 10 slots filled in time for the draft. That is why I dropped it back down to 10.

Anyway, here are the results of the randomizer, with the seven making it to the league in bold:

  1. PhinFan3298 (Invite sent)
  2. Dolfanjoe (Invite sent) - Joined
  3. Frustratedin2017 (Invite sent)
  4. Huibuh64 (Invite sent) - Joined
  5. Hinzzzer (Invite sent) - Joined
  6. p4l1ndr0m3 (Invite sent) - Joined
  7. superfknmario__ (Invite sent) - Joined
  8. Scrapaaay
  9. Schwanson
  10. JSarney
  11. Ballage For QB 2019
  12. delusioned
  13. Blaze453
  14. neryx
  15. retjdf
  16. Mikey97
  17. wild zion beaver
  18. Marinosmullet
  19. DolphinsMode
  20. Chunksmatulis
  21. Jorgenius
  22. Cltatum
  23. KHo56
  24. Dolphan in Cali
  25. dolphinsdolphinsdolphins
  26. mapet84
  27. dun14ham
  28. Jmohr21
  29. TogaPhinz
  30. NMPhinfan29
  31. RorySeeds
  32. Luis Figueredo
  33. mondizl
  34. Phinaholic
  35. THEphinz
  36. dolphin71
  38. RickyPhin
  39. BrownWolf
  40. Heathg40
  41. David Leal
  42. Forrest Mitchell
  43. iAmDFan
  44. Freddie Marino
  45. AaronKent1974