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The Phinsider Fantasy Football League - Sign up for random lottery

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NFL: SEP 09 Titans at Dolphins Photo by Michele Sandberg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It is that time of year again. While the NFL and the Miami Dolphins are what you see on the site every day - there is another battle that happens behind the scenes every year. That would be our The Phinsider Fantasy Football League. Today, we start setting up that league.

Last year’s champion was team Miami Skye, and the champion gets an invite back every year. Houtz and I will also be in the league, so there are seven slots available for our randomly drawn lottery.

To enter the lottery, just let me know you are interested in the comments.

The league is on ESPN. Here are the settings you need to know:

Leave a comment below. On Tuesday night, I will collect the names of everyone interested and put them in a list on, then I will post the results here on the site. Whomever makes it into the slots will then be asked to email me so I can send them their invite to the league. I will keep the list of everyone who was not selected to use as alternates in case I do not hear from someone.

I am looking to hold the draft on Saturday, so if you are selected, I will need you to reply quickly so we can fill the league.