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UPDATED: Phinsider Fantasy Football Team Owners Announcement

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

UPDATE 2: I am going to start sending out invites to the alternates who have sent me their info. If you are in the initial group or one of the first ten alternates, send me an email tonight.

UPDATE: We currently have 6 of the 10 teams in the league, and I have sent invites to everyone who has emailed me. They are lined through in the list below. Also, Chupa has moved into the list after I realized I had David Leal listed twice somehow. For all of you who have not emailed me, please do so today, as the draft is scheduled for tomorrow. If I do not hear from you soon, I will start using the alternates.

If you are an alternate, you can feel free to shoot me an email as well. Just let me know who you are, and if I need to start using the alternates, I will already have your email address to send you the invite.

Okay, I have been slacking. This week got away from me, so we are well behind where I thought we would be in setting up The Phinsider Fantasy Football League for this year. I have the draft scheduled for tomorrow at 8pm Eastern, but I don’t think we will make that, so I am going to delay it until Wednesday. Hopefully that will work with everyone’s schedule.

As I have done in the past, I posted an article asking for signing up. From everyone that signed up, I put the names into the randomizer and came up with the nine players who will join me in the league. They are:

  1. KingYak6
  2. David Leal
  3. MiamiSkye
  4. Dolphinfan1974
  5. jtc456
  6. mondo3454
  7. pcman7227
  8. hosski
  9. Chupathingy

To get into the league, I just need you to email me. If you don’t know it, my address is the name of this site at Just shoot me an email with your site name and I will send you the invite.

The remainder of the list will make up the alternates in case someone cannot play or does not enter the league. That order is:

  1. Schwanson
  2. Hinzzzer
  3. wild zion beaver
  4. Frustratedin2017
  6. Phinaholic
  7. Dolfanjoe
  8. BurlyDude72
  9. p4l1ndr0m3
  10. cjfitz19
  11. Dolphan1317
  12. ElPasoPhinFan
  13. Louie the lobster
  14. DolphinNation
  15. Kong-SUH-Joe
  16. shoots
  17. Blaze453
  18. neryx
  19. Chris Larrondo
  20. ZigoJz
  21. Tannehillgoat
  22. THEphinz

Please get into the league as soon as possible so we can try to make the Wednesday draft and be ready to go before Thursday night’s season opener.