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NFL Survivor Pool: Join The Phinsider group

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The NFL season start tonight, with the Kansas City Chiefs visiting the New England Patriots. While we are all excited about the return of football (and a little bummed that the Miami Dolphins will not be playing this week because of Hurricane Irma), this is also a chance for us to open up a game for all of us. On, we have opened a group to allow all of us to compete in a Survivor Pool for the season.

Survivor pools are pretty simple. You pick one winning team each week. If that team wins, you keep you playing. If they lose, you are out. Oh, and you can only pick a team once a season, so you have to use some strategy in making your selections.

If you want to join our survivor pool, you can click this link.

And, if you want some strategy for your picks, check out this weekly survivor pool picks article over at SB Nation.