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Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Sit/Start: Week 14

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Here’s who to start or sit in the Dolphins Week 14 lineup as the Cardinals come to South Beach.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It had to end at some point, but I’m sure most of us didn’t see the entire team taking a nap for the whole of the game in Baltimore. The Dolphins defense was putrid and the offense was anemic. If you started any Fins last week in fantasy football it may have cost you a playoff spot, like myself. Well for those of you attempted to avoid a bottom of the league embarrassment or starting your playoff push here’s some advice for your Dolphins in Week 14.

Note: The point projections are based on a standard PPR league scoring (0.5 PPR) with fractional points.


Ryan Tannehill (QB) – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 14.30 PTS

The Tannehill trolls got their wish fulfilled last week as the Dolphins quarterback was constantly harassed by a good Ravens pass rush and ended the game with three interceptions. Although two of those interceptions were more on bad luck and exceptional pass defense, it was a brutal day for the Tannehill fantasy owners too. I must preach optimism in a return to Hard Rock Stadium and a reinforced offensive line.

Jarvis Landry (WR) – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 10.50 PTS

The Dolphins inability to throw the ball downfield and run with much effectiveness led to a lot of dumped passes to Landry in space. He is one of the best in making a nothing two yard out route into a fifteen-yard drive changer. Landry showed this ability in spades against Baltimore finishing with 11 catches for 87 yards. His matchup could determine success in Week 14, but I expect Patrick Peterson to be matched with Parker leaving Landry with a better situation.

Jay Ajayi (RB) – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 12.71 PTS

The J-Train never left the station at M&T Bank Stadium and for the fourth straight week was held under the century mark in yards gained. This week was uglier, but the fact Ajayi never found the end zone. I expect a big bounce back performance with his left side of the line re-installed in sunny Florida weather.


Devante Parker – Yahoo Fantasy Projections: 9.07 PTS

Parker had a fantastic touchdown grab where he showed his quickly learned ability to drag his feet while completing catches near sidelines. I just don’t like his matchup with Peterson this week and his limited time in practice. This could be a big mistake to sit him at home, but I think you are limiting risk if you decide to rest the young Dolphins wide out.

Dolphins Defense/Special Teams – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 9.51 PTS

This group is Jekyll and Hyde and I give up on predicting when they will show up. I expect David Johnson to slaughter this defense in the flats and at the second level. Our below average linebacking and secondary were severely exposed in Baltimore. It’s a weakness that isn’t going anywhere even if Jelani Jenkins or Xavien Howard return to the field. This is the area the Dolphins need to invest in most heavily come the offseason.

Kenny Stills (WR) – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 5.52 PTS

Stills has almost no value in fantasy at this point with no byes and better options available to your team if you are in the playoffs at this point. I would look to drop Stills as he’s most likely going to be picked up by a bottom feeder team that desperately needs to fool their fans into the idea that Stills is a solid No. 2 wide out for an NFL team.