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Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Sit/Start: Week 15

Here’s who to start or sit in the Dolphins Week 15 lineup as the Fins head to New York for a big AFC East matchup.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Ryan Tannehill took control of the game tossing three touchdowns before he was knocked out of the competition by a low blow by Calais Campbell. Tannehill’s prognosis looks okay long-term, but he most likely won’t be seen for the rest of 2016. So, the playoff chances drop squarely into the hands of Matt Moore and the remaining Dolphins starters. This injury has a large negative impact on the fantasy playoff potential for the Fins in your roster.

Note: The point projections are based on a standard PPR league scoring (0.5 PPR) with fractional points.


Jarvis Landry (WR) – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 10.87 PTS

I think the player that may benefit most from Matt Moore taking over for the Dolphins is Jarvis Landry. Moore doesn’t have the same down field cannon that Tannehill has. Landry is an easy playmaker for Moore to get the ball to in space. Landry will be a focal point of the Dolphins attack on Sunday.

Jay Ajayi (RB) – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 12.82 PTS

The poor production from Ajayi continued last week against Arizona where he rushed 20 times for only 48 yards. Its concerning that his production seems to be slowing, but the Jets defense looks pitiful and he racked up 111 yards in this season’s earlier matchup. Moore going under center should push the Dolphins back to a run-first offense which they had been getting away from in recent weeks with a depleted offensive line.

Dolphins Defense/Special Teams – Yahoo Fantasy Projection: 8.30 PTS

Well it was another randomly great performance by the Dolphins defense, but the points were mainly due to the deluge that helped cause a couple fumbles. Mike Hull stepped up leading the team in tackles and grabbing an impressive interception in his big-league debut. The Dolphins defense will step up this week as they really will be the difference whether the Fins make a successful playoff push.


Devante Parker/Kenny Stills (WR) – Yahoo Fantasy Projections: 9.34/5.37 PTS

I don’t expect too many deep balls from Moore and those are where Parker shines with his speed and leaping ability. This game will be a slugfest in frigid temperatures that don’t line up for a big day from Parker.

Matt Moore (QB) – Yahoo Fantasy Projections: 5.70 PTS

If you are even considering picking up Moore for your fantasy team at this point in the season you most likely aren’t in the playoffs. So I’d use that late season pick up on someone with keeper potential for 2017.