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Phinsider Fantasy Football League - Random selection of owners

We have randomized the list of people interested in joining the Phinsider fantasy league, and now announce the nine owners who will join the league.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Our Phinsider Fantasy Football League random draw has been completed, with the list of 42 people interested in joining the league placed into the randomizer on As I said in the intro post, this year's league will be on ESPN's fantasy site. The results are below, with the first nine people invited to join the league. All you have to do is send me an email with you Phinsider name in it so I can track who has joined.

I also ask, as you join, make your team name include your handle or leave a message in the league with your handle so I know which team belongs to which of you.

You can also use the comments below to set up unofficial Phinsider leagues. Feel free to use any fantasy provider.

1. I bleed for really!
2. p4l1ndr0m3
3. Stroupy
4. phinsomniac
5. INdolfan
6. PhinsAllDay
7. Daostiguy
8. Jnucci1
9. Wakethesuhnami

10. sultan28348
11. Phinsfanfromupnorth
12. Fins up 13
13. zazoom136
14. delusioned
15. Finhead83
16. Forrest Mitchell
17. KingYak6
18. Dolfanjoe
19. Mufasa32
20. GJSemidey10
21. Rob Arel
22. Hollywood Dolfan
23. Keep Calm and Phin On
24. cwycoff35
25. CarolinaPhinFan
26. CP10istheman
27. Blaze453
28. Kinhaven
29. Schwanson
30. Finsup82
31. 2mikeVillas
32. rude aWAKEning4
33. pzmljn
34. Ranfin
35. dolphin71
36. bizzmoney
37. DolphinGirl772
38. Timenem85
39. IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones
40. Phinaholic
41. Num1dolfan72
42. Zero the Hero