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Fantasy Football 2015: A bold prediction for the Miami Dolphins

It's fantasy football season. What's your bold Miami Dolphins prediction?

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The NFL Preseason is over, which means it is prime fantasy football draft season. Teams are selecting their 53-man rosters, so why not select your favorite players as well. ESPN's Matthew Berry recently put out a list of bold predictions for each NFL team, looking at the fantasy value of players.

For the Miami Dolphins, that bold prediction focused on rookie wide receiver DeVante Parker:

I say that currently injured rookie wide receiver DeVante Parker ends up with the most fantasy points among Dolphins pass-catchers this season. My thinking: Odell Beckham Jr. has taught us you don't need to play in Week 1 to make an impact. I love Jarvis Landry this season but see him running more short routes like he did last season, with Parker becoming the deep threat and No. 1 WR. His talent is off the charts. He just needs to get healthy, and he's getting close.

I do not disagree with Berry. It could be a great prediction, and Parker is definitely someone you should consider later in your draft. It is not my bold prediction for the Dolphins, in terms of fantasy, however.

Using, Berry's format:

I say that Lamar Miller ends up in the top five of fantasy points this year among running backs. My thinking: Miller finished among the top ten in fantasy points among running backs, so jumping to the top five is not that big a move, but when you consider the players in front of him, it should be seen as a pretty bold prediction, especially given that you can get Miller in the third- or fourth-round of most drafts. If Miller is able to jump up to be considered in the company of players like Le'Veon Bell, Marshawn Lynch, Matt Forte, and DeMarco Murray, he has really accomplished something. Miller proved himself capable of being a starting running back last year, gaining over 1,000 yards on just 13.5 carries per game. If the Dolphins up that total at all, Miller should quickly jump up the fantasy football rankings.

Now, it's your turn. What's your bold fantasy prediction for the Dolphins?