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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire pickups Week 1

As the NFL's first week of the season closes in on us, we give you a look at some top waiver wire pick ups you should make.

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The NFL season is officially upon us, with the first game of the year later tonight. With the start of the regular season also means we are starting fantasy football season. Drafts are going on like crazy right now, but drafting does not always follow the plan you made. Which means, you are using the waiver wire as your best friend throughout the season..

Or you are that guy who uses the waiver wire as a weapon, grabbing that hot player as quickly as you can, just so you can stick him on your bench and keep him from anyone else. Whichever type of player you are, we have some Week 1 waiver wire pickups you should be considering.

Christine Michael, running back, Dallas Cowboys

Drafts that are taking place right now are starting to see Michael, who was shipped from Seattle to Dallas, be selected, but if you picked earlier this summer, you might be able to grab Michael off the waiver wire. The running back position in Dallas is a jumble of multiple players, and it may start the year being a running back by committee type of spot, but if you can grab Michael and hold on to him, he could pay off in the long run as he asserts himself on top of the spot.

Matt Jones, running back, Washington Redskins

Like Michael, picking up Jones now may be a move for the rest of the season, rather than one that pays off in Week 1. Jones, as a rookie, is behind Alfred Morris on the depth chart, but it is likely Jones who will see the goal-line ans sgort-yardage carries. Do not be surprised if he overtakes Morris at some point this year. Again, not a play for Week 1, but someone you can grab now and stash on your bench for later in the year.

Phillip Dorsett, wide receiver, Indianapolis Colts

This could be a sneaky move that just might earn you some points. The Colts are going to be looking to score a lot this year, and the defense will be focused on slowing down T.Y. Hilton and Andre Johnson, which could just let Dorsett show off why the Colts picked him in the first round. As Andrew Luck looks to spread the ball around, Dorsett looks like he coule be the biggest beneficiary.

Eddie Royal, wide receiver, Chicago Bears

The Bears' duo of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery was broken up this offseason, with Marshall how playing for the New York Jets. Jeffery, meanwhile, is injured with some sort of leg issue (the Bears are not giving a lot of details on it). Enter Royal, who, if Jay Cutler is the good Jay Cutler, may be the top target early this year. Royal is not going to carry your team as a top wide receiver for the season, but he is a cheap pickup that might be able to push you over the top from a WR2 or Flex position in a couple of early season matchups.

Brent Celek, tight end, Philadelphia Eagles

Zach Ertz is not 100-percent, and the Eagles run a fast-tempo, explosive offense. If your top tight end is not completely healthy, you might just have to rely on your second option, someone like Celek, to get you through the week. You probably have a better option - unless you selected Ertz - but stashing Celek for the early part of the season, or as a handcuff to Ertz, might be a smart play. Just make sure you are traking the injury reports leading up to kickoff to monitor Ertz's status.

Miami Dolphins waiver wire pickup of the week:

This seems like an obvious pick in the draft, but in something near 40-percent of the leagues out there, the Miami Defense is sitting on the waiver wire. Ndamukong Suh, Cameron Wake, Brent Grimes, Reshad Jones - that should be enough to earn them a pickup. Kirk Cousins and Washington's offensive line should be enough to earn them the start this week. The rest of the season they are probably a good play as well. If you happen to be in one of those leauges that somehow have not added the Dolphins to a roster, you might want to grab them.