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The Phinsider Fantasy League 2022 managers announcement

Philadelphia Eagles v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The Phinsider Fantasy Football League for 2022 is ready to start filling in our managers. Over the past several days, we asked for signups for the league, allowing anyone who was interested to leave a message in the comments of the article announcing the return of the league. Those names were then put into the list randomizer at to give us the ten community members who will join the league.

They will join wild zion beaver, our 2020 and 2021 champion, and me in the league.

The draft is scheduled for Monday, a week from today. Once in the league, please leave a message in the chat on the league page with your user name from here on the site, your team name in the league, and if the draft time will work for you.

If you are in the top ten in the list below, please email me at thephinsider at sbnation dot com to receive your invite. Please include your The Phinsider user name in the email.

The rest of the list will be used as alternates should someone not join the league.

  1. Caps&Phins - Joined
  2. UK Dolfan - Joined
  3. Hinzzzer - Joined
  4. David Leal - Joined
  5. KarenL - Joined
  6. Dwadehouse - Invite Sent
  7. Jsutton15 - Invite Sent
  8. Phinaholic - Joined
  9. delusioned - Joined
  10. holland182.0 - Joined


  1. h3at23
  2. neryx
  3. TheRoo1
  4. Phinisher
  5. Louie the lobster
  6. PhilbinTheBlanks
  7. Don12pk
  8. Saskatchefin
  9. btay45
  10. Pat_Certain
  11. THEphinz
  12. jimmythesaint1
  13. dolfan52
  14. Dolfanjoe
  15. EzDz73
  16. Blaze453
  17. ChoppySeconds
  18. kburke1111
  19. ElizaMae72
  20. Kotn71
  22. dolphins71