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Final Day for signups—>The Phinsider Fantasy Football League 2022 - Sign up for random lottery

Wild zion beaver is the back-to-back champion in our annual fantasy football league. Can you end the run?

NFL: FEB 02 Super Bowl LIV - Chiefs v 49ers Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We have reached that time of year again. The 2022 training camp period is winding down, with one final preseason game on the schedule for the Miami Dolphins. That means it is time for The Phinsider Fantasy Football League to make its triumphant return.

Last year, wild zion beaver successfully defended his championship, becoming the first back-to-back champion we have had in the league. He also earned his invite to the league for another season. We did well with the 12-team league last season, so we will bring that back as well this year.

With the inclusion of beaver and me in this league, there are 10 slots available. Those slots are given our via a random lottery system. To enter the lottery, just let me know you are interested in the comments.

The draft is scheduled for September 5 at 8:30 p.m. ET. We can adjust that once the league is full if we need to move it.

The league is on ESPN. Here are the settings you need to know:

Leave a comment below. On Sunday night, I will collect the names of everyone interested and put them in a list on, then I will post the results here on the site. Whoever makes it into the slots will then be asked to email me so I can send them their invite to the league. I will keep the list of everyone who was not selected to use as alternates in case I do not hear from someone.

You have until Sunday to put in the comments that you are interested. Then look for the list of people who made the league over the weekend.