Grier wasn't the only one willing to take a risk on Phillips


"Paton, who hurriedly called for a phone charger midway through the first round (he had several mobile devices and a landline at the ready), also coveted former University of Miami edge rusher Jaelan Phillips, who he had assumed would go in the top 15. When that didn't happen, Paton began to consider trading back into the first round, initiating some preliminary conversations with teams that had picks in the mid-20s and early 30s. (One of those calls went to Gutekunst, the owner of the 29th selection, who was open to trading out of the first round. Mindful of the time constraints and the context, Paton chose not to bring up Rodgers in that conversation.) When the Dolphins picked Phillips with the 18th overall pick, the trade-up scenario was moot, and Paton set his sights on Friday's second and third rounds."

Above excerpt is from Michael Silver's profile of George Paton, the Broncos widely respected GM.

Wisdom of Words


"Nobody knows how much grit you have till you have to have it,So you’ve got to fight for a job. Say you get benched. Look at you; don’t look at anyone else. Most often, victimization takes over, but it never does any good to play the victim. Work on yourself. Work on your game. You better have that level of grit to fight for a job and to fight to win a game, because in this game, you’re going to be tested over and over again."

Steve Young

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Wow! Just Wow!


"So 13 new players in the past six days for the Dolphins. That’s a quarter of their roster. Crazy."

Adam Beasley on tweeter

Tannehill ranked 2nd behind Brady in Big Time Throw Pct by PFF for 2016


#Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill ranked second among all QBs in highest big-time throw % in 2016. What does "big-time throw" mean? Find out below⬇️…


Day 3 draft pick announcement


Douglas HS football will be involved in announcing of Miami Dolphins Day 3 draft picks

Joe Schafer/Palm Beach Post

Thank you Coach13


Thank You Coach13 for helping The Phinsider's DCC efforts, you are a class act my friend !


Hadn't heard this


Hell, Gase has even won over Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell, a former rapper and South Florida legend who once complained to a couple friends in a local bar back in January that Gase would fail largely because of Tannehill. When a gentleman sitting nearby that night said Tannehill would get better -- and the Dolphins would, as well -- Campbell argued heatedly with the guy until he realized it was Gase having fun at his expense.

RIP Emmett Dove aka E_Dove


Sadly, I received the news last night that one of our long time members here, Emmett Dove aka E_Dove passed away, earlier in the day, at the way too young age of 38. Emmett was probably best known in these parts for his over the top passion for his favorite sports team, the Miami Dolphins and of course the massive old school Dolphins tattoo on the back of his head. You can see Emmett's SBN profile here ( If you have Facebook you can visit there where many of his friends have gone to leave condolences ( RIP E DOVE!

Foster signing with Phins per his Agent


Congrats to @ArianFoster agreeing to a 1 year deal with the @MiamiDolphins

— Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) July 18, 2016 Twitter