What the hell? Where's the interference?


Byron Maxwell got screwed (again) by the refs. He does not even touch Kenny Britt, breaks up the play, and gets flagged. Just crap.

After review, the ruling on the field stands


I was upset at the nullified punt TD on Sunday, wondering what the refs were seeing, and thinking, perhaps, that Drake blocked his own player and did not do a penalty. But, after looking at the play on all-22, it looks like it was a good call. You can see the illegal block in the circle. In real time you can see he pushes him. The umpire reaches for his flag immediately afterwards, and, since he is behind the play, has a clear view of what's going on the fact that he is far away is not a problem. I am not an expert in officiating, but, I assume the job of the referee and the umpire on a punt, once the ball is in the air, is to move down the field and use their vantage point to seek out blocks in the back that the field judge on the side doesn't necessarily see.

Olivier Vernon and Brandon Albert swap jerseys


Former Dolphins teammates showing respect. (Credit: William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports)

Colin Cowherd playoff predictions: Dolphins? No. Jets? Yes?!?


The New York Jets will make the playoffs, according to Colin Cowherd's predictions. Too bad they don't yet have a quarterback.