Guess we have our nickname for Minkah, it's trademarked!

The running game


The gif of Drake's run exemplifies what seemed to be missing in the past. Derby blocks in on a penetrating tackle, while Kilgore is already heading down to the second level. And do my eyes deceive me, or is Asiata in at LG?

Prediction Week #GMFB - Which AFC teams will make the playoffs?


Peter Schrager... 2 predictions in 2 days! Skip to 2:23 and more importantly 5:51.

Well This Is Going To Piss Off The NFL ... Kap Is The Face Of Nike's "Just Do It" 30 Year Anniversary


Nike is under contract with the NFL. Kap is currently suing the NFL. Nike is paying Kap and giving him and his cause a HUGE stage.

Who will win 2018 NFL Coach of the Year?


Wait for it... 3:08 minute mark.