Why Your Team Sucks 2015: New York Jets


If you are not a fan of or easily offended by questionable language then I strongly suggest that you do not click on the link above.

The NFL Just Made The Rules To Define A "Catch" More Confusing


And even with changing the wording of the rule, the Dez Bryant (and the Megatron) catch against the Packers in the playoffs last year STILL wouldn't be a catch. So the NFL continues with a rule, makes it more confusing, to call an obvious catch not a catch. Unreal!!

Dolphins release QB Josh Freeman


The Dolphins announced via twitter the release of QB Josh Freeman. No further details were given.

Shocker!! NFL Is A Hypocrite Again!! This Time Over Sports Betting!!


The NFL has been against gambling on sports publicly and are working to prevent NJ from having sports gambling in their casinos. But in sworn testimony before a court on 3 occasions, the NFL has said gambling on sports is a SKILL. Why is this important? Because if it is a SKILL, which the NFL says Fantasy Football is even though there is money involved, then it is no longer considered gambling which is a game of CHANCE.

miami #3


harvard student predicts miami third in league

1984 AFC Championship


A look back at the 1984 AFC Championship.

Dan Marino's first TD pass


He would throw 419 more.

Former Dolphin Don McNeal Battling Multiple Sclerosis


One of our 80's cornerbacks... glad to see he's fighting on through!


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