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James "officially" joined the Phinsider in March of 2009, after a few months of lurking in a creepy fashion reading articles in a respectful manner from afar. In past history and during a time on the site that we can no longer talk about for a variety of reasons(including that pesky court order to cease and desist), James was known as texascowpunk or just plain old Tex by many. After becoming a regular member of the now infamous CKCs and doing all he could (as his civic duty) to torture Nicky on a nightly basis, he began to post. Honestly, no one had a single freaking clue what he was talking about, but since most just assumed that he was "different", "off" or even in some way dangerous, these same posts were always heavily rec'd. Shortly after the controversial and disturbing takeover of the Phinsider (I understand the deal between Kevin and Matty included not only cash but also the "transfer" of a kidney!?!) by Kevin, Kevin sent an invite to James via carrier pigeon asking him to become the site moderator. James, confused by the use of middle ages technology, never managed to retrieve his message. After several more attempts by Kevin and the offering of many fine tapestries, James agreed and joined the staff of the finest Miami Dolphins blog available to mankind, The Phinsider. James has since added editorial duties (read: fixing Kevin’s screw ups) and overseeing the social media management for the site. James was said to relish these added opportunities as a way to spread his kind of "propaganda" to a potentially new audiences. James, a lifelong Dolphins fan from Coral Gables, Florida, lived in Fort Worth and Denton, Texas before moving back to South Florida. James spent many years as a self-appointed super hero going only by the name of "Mike Hancho", a year in Borneo as a professional spelunker, and a life time as a well noted music snob before moving to North Texas. James then lived in the middle Florida Keys for several years before being dragooned into moving to Houston, Texas by his new bride’s employer. His current profession is now only listed as "secret" as he plans and plots his next move. James’ only praise for Houston is that he can be incognito, allowing fewer prying eyes into his next "project".