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NFL confirms 2025 Spain game; Dolphins rumored to take part

The Dolphins could be going to Spain in 2025.

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have long been one of the NFL’s premier “international” teams, with the franchise taking part in seven NFL games since the NFL International Series began in 2007, behind only the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In 2025, the NFL International Series is heading to Spain, and the Dolphins are rumored to take part.

With 17 regular season games these days instead of 16, conferences alternate seasons in which they have eight or nine home games. The Dolphins will have an additional home game in 2025, providing the opportunity to play one of those games in Europe. The NFL could still push the Dolphins to play abroad in 2024, but they must play one of those games as the visiting team.

Perhaps more important in providing some truth to these rumors, the Dolphins officially aligned with Spain as part of their international marketing agreement with the NFL. These agreements allow for teams to market, engage fans, and build commercialization efforts for the listed country. Miami was assigned Spain, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. The Dolphins are the only team aligned with Brazil.

Thus, the door is wide open for the Dolphins to participate in the first ever NFL game to be held in Spain. The Dolphins most recently played abroad just this past season, as the visiting team against the Kansas City Chiefs in Germany in Week 9.

What do you think about these rumors? Would like to see the Dolphins play abroad? Let us know down below!