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SB Nation Reacts Super Bowl edition: Who will win? Who do you want to win?

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl on Sunday? Who do you want to win? Our SB Nation Reacts poll wants to know.

NFL Commissioner Press Conference Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NFL. Throughout the year we ask questions of the most plugged-in Miami Dolphins fans and fans across the country. Sign up here to participate in the weekly emailed surveys.

It is Super Bowl week. Our SB Nation Reacts poll is back this week with two questions for you - one focused on this weekend’s title game and one looking at the Miami Dolphins. First up in the poll is which team you think will win the Super Bowl and which team you are rooting for in the game. Your four options pair up the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers to get an idea of what you are expecting on Sunday.

The second question looks toward the Dolphins’ hiring of Anthony Weaver as the new defensive coordinator. It is a simple grade question, so let us know if you are giving Miami an A, B, C, D, or F.

You can vote in the poll below and head to the comments at the bottom of the page to explain why you voted the way you did.