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Miami Dolphins Fans Give Their Thoughts On Free Agency

AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Last week I asked the question-

So tonight’s question of the day is simple. What position and which player would you like to see the Dolphins make their primary target once free agency begins?

I realize that the question probably needs to be asked after the team decides which of our own numerous free agents they will bring back but hey, I run out of ideas and it’s at least a point of discussion on some level.

Below are some of your answers-

Dwadeshouse wants a big-name DT but will settle for a top safety to tandem with Holland.

If money were no object. Chris Jones and by a distance. Since it likely is, il go with someone whom I believe would be affordable and a big difference maker. Kyle Dugger at safety. I think he and Holland would give you the best safety tandem in the league and give you a ton of scheme flexibility.

Bill Moody wants a bruiser of a back.

I’m sticking with Derrick Henry... :)

tpl thinks that the Dolphins should just ignore the primary free agency period and sift through the leftovers after the draft. In all fairness, there will still be some quality left on the market but almost all of the top guys will be long gone by then.

This won’t even be an option until Miami has drafted and knows which positions they were unable to fill via the draft.

Dolfanjoe is correct. This team has some serious issues cap-wise and what they need is like 20 draft picks.

We should sign the top ten free agents! Oh yeah, back to reality. We need more draft picks! We need to dump some players and turn some player's salaries into signing bonuses. Maybe make a trade for more picks. But the big playa Mami D aint gonna play ! Still have a good core, but that is what we will have going into 24, and hopefully some dam good players out of the draft to develop all year long. Sure there will be cheap free agents to compete with the boatload of undrafted we will bring in also! A couple of our own will be brought back, for financial reasons. But the big Playa, well that ain't gonna be us!

Alpha6 thinks it's a toss-up up given how many players the team will have to let walk.

Judging from the FA that may leave the team, DT, CB, S, G, C, LT, LB... it’s anyone’s guess as to who will come from FA or the Draft to replace them. And which ones will they replace first.

As the #2 DT in the league, letting Wilkins walk is a travesty. And he will.

X will be cut. S will walk as an FA. The O-line is difficult to determine as to who the team keeps... or if both. Hunt should be re-signed imo.

The team also needs a third WR.

Imo, the team should go after LT Trent Brown of the Cheatriots. He’s 30 but did very well to excellent this past year. He’s also a Florida product. The Dolphins will have to battle the Jets for his services. We’ll see.

RDO_23 is with me on the whole Mike White thing. Why did they give that dude a two-year deal???

If they are still on the fence with Tua then they should be looking for an insurance policy. Mike White ain’t it, not sure why they even brought him in because Skylar has more upside. As crazy as it sounds bringing in Mac Jones might be an option. He was decent under a guy named McDaniels his rookie year, made a pro bowl, and made the playoffs. Many thought ‘Oh no they found another guy we’re back to third place in the AFCE’. If they could get him cheap he could provide real competition for Tua. Big move go get Antoine Winfield Jr over anybody and pair him with Jevon Ballin’ Holland. Little move go get 33-year-old Kevin Zeitler on a cap-friendly 2-3 year deal to play Guard.

Well, I take it from the lack of answers that this was not a super popular question. Maybe I should throw it out there again when we are much closer to free agency in a few weeks. Thank you again to all of you who took the time to answer the question. We will be back with another question of the day post tomorrow evening.