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Tua Tagovailoa Takes Part in the Pro Bowl Skills Competition

Tua’s Precision Passing performance, and what it means.

NFL: Pro Bowl Skills Competition Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re like me, you haven’t watched the Pro Bowl in years. You’ll find out later on X or Facebook if anything significant happened.

The Pro Bowl has evolved from years back when guys would take it seriously and smash each other to where it is now, where they play flag football, games, and skills competitions. I like where it ultimately landed. There’s no need to have any unnecessary hitting a week before the Super Bowl. I’d rather see players out there having fun and enjoying themselves after a grueling season.

Thursday night, Miami Dolphins fans had a reason to tune in. Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa took part in the Precision Passing skills competition and scored 16 points total, coming in last and was eliminated in the first round. Not at all what Dolphins fans wanted to see, but the Tua detractors were salivating at the content of a last-place finish.

The last few days have been the newest chapter of the never-ending Tua debate on X. A good chunk of fans are holding skill competitions as gospel when players are there to have fun and pop a rating. I don’t think anyone outside of Baker Mayfield took it too seriously, and Mayfield’s efforts were more funny than they were of a try hard.

Baker Mayfield admitted after winning the competition that he was trash-talking Tua to get him to stop in the middle of his turn. It worked too. Tua stopped and had to have heard something wild from Baker to get him out of sorts the way he was. But hey, they say if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.

What do we take from Tua’s round during the Precision Passing? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The world has seen Tua’s accuracy on display, and he posted career highs across the board, including completion percentage, while leading the league in passing yards. Nothing from this event detracts from what Tua has shown on years of tape.

It’s a laid-back event, and guys aren’t taking it or themselves too seriously. Case in point, Dan Orlovsky did a round himself and scored higher than everyone.

Knowing that Dolphins fans were tuning in and hadn’t seen a Dolphins quarterback participate in the Pro Bowl since Dan Marino in 1995, it would’ve been nice if Tua gave it more effort. The old college try. At least try not to come in last.

The only way his haters would’ve sounded the horn was with a last-place finish, and lo and behold that’s what happened. I don’t see it that way since Dan Orlovsky came in and beat everyone’s score. It’s all kind of a wash for me.

Either Tua and everyone is worse than Orlovsky, who’s a half decade into a TV job, or these guys were having fun out there. I’ll go with the latter.

Let us know in the comments how you felt about Tua’s performance in the Precision Passing event of the Skills Competition.