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Phinsider Question Of The Day: When Will It Be Our Time Again?

Super Bowl VII - Washington Redskins v Miami Dolphins

Well with the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVII last evening another NFL season is officially in the books. The end of the season also marks another season in which our own Miami Dolphins neither won a championship nor even made it to the big game. The Dolphins have now made it to the playoffs in back-to-back seasons which is an improvement but they have yet to advance past the wildcard round. By next season I suspect that most of the fan base will not only expect the team to again make it to the playoffs but to advance beyond their first-round game.

So beyond getting through the first round of the playoffs how far away do you think this team is from making it back to the Super Bowl and or winning the Super Bowl? Tell us how far away the team is from making it to the big game in your opinion and why.

Please give us your thoughts and answers in the comments section below-