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Dolphins fans grade defensive coordinator hire; Share Super Bowl hopes

The Miami Dolphins hired Anthony Weaver as their new defensive coordinator. How do fans feel about the move? And, how do they think and want the Super Bowl to play out tonight?

Oakland Raiders v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2014 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Our SB Nation Reacts poll was back this week, asking Miami Dolphins fans two questions. The first focused on tonight’s Super Bowl LVIII, wanting to take a look at who Dolphins fans want to win the game, as well as who they think will win the game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. Then, we turned the attention to the Dolphins themselves, asking how fans grade the team’s hiring of Anthony Weaver as their new defensive coordinator.

As the results came in, the Super Bowl expectations and rooting question was fairly evenly split between three of the four possibilities. And, fans seem fairly optimistic about the hiring of Weaver to lead Miami’s defense. The results from out SB Nation Reacts poll, brought to us by DraftKings Sportsbook, are below.

Who do fans think will win and who do fans want to win Super Bowl LVIII?

Dolphins fans were not interested in the option of wanting the Chiefs to win, but thinking the 49ers will come away with the Lombardi Trophy. Receiving only two percent of the responses, that combination fell well behind the other three choices. The winner of the group was the option with fans rooting for the 49ers before believing the Chiefs would win the game, receiving a little over one-third of the responses.

Just under three in ten replies indicated they are both want a Chiefs win and expecting one. At 27 percent, the combination of rooting for and expecting a 49ers victory finished third in the results.

Dolphins fans grade Anthony Weaver hire

Miami added Weaver, formerly the Baltimore Ravens’ assistant head coach and defensive line coach, to the coaching staff as the team’s defensive coordinator. He previously served as a defensive coordinator with the Houston Texans, having been promoted from the team’s defensive line coach position into the coordinator spot in 2020. His role as a defensive coordinator only lasted one season, however, as the Texans fired head coach Bill O’Brien during the season, leading to a complete coaching staff change after the regular season ended.

Dolphins fans seem hopeful about the addition of Weaver. While only 25 percent graded the hire an “A”, nearly half the responses gave the move a “B” grade. A C grade received 20 percent of the vote, while five percent gave the hire a D, and two percent came in with a failing mark.

Who will win Super Bowl MVP? (National Question)

The national SB Nation Reacts survey - a weekly poll emailed to registered members - asked who the fans think will be named the Super Bowl MVP. Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes came away the winner of the survey, receiving 46 percent of the vote. 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey was second with 26 percent of the vote, followed by 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy with 14 percent of the responses, and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce with 10 percent. The rest of the field of options received seven percent of the responses.

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