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Dolphins fans list of Super Bowl players they would “steal”!

Super Bowl LVIII - Kansas City Chiefs Practice Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

A couple of nights ago I asked the question-

If you could steal one player from each of the rosters of the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs to play for your Miami Dolphins who would the player be and why?

Below are some of your answers-

SuperG! would bring in possibly the best QB in the game and a great young DE.

Chiefs- Mahomes

49ers- Chase Young

daytonadolfan is in favor of some explosive help on the offensive side of the ball.

Wouldn’t mind McCaffery joining the squad! Kittle would be good too! Maybe Pacheco from the chef’s!

T__Bird is partial to the star TEs and I agree with taking Kittle over Kelce.

Fins are weak at tight end. The 2 best TEs in the league are in this game. Take your pick. Kelce is probably better, but Kittle would be a better fit for Miami.

darryldunphy wants a start QB and WR.

I mean its Mahomes..We would be favorites to win the cup if he was our quarterback.

If not him..Debo Samuel. That dude would be insane in our offense

Alpha6 can’t ever stop at just one.

Off the Niners:

TE George Kittle, followed by LB Fred Warner, OT Trent Williams, and DE Nick Bosa.

Off the Chiefs:

DL Chris Jones, C Creed Humphrey, LG Joe Thuney, and CB L’Jarius Sneed.

Miami7 went offense and defense.

Chiefs = Mahomes (Honorable mention = L’Jarius Sneed)

49rs = Nick Bosa (Honorable mention = Cristian McAffery)....only because Mostert, with his career-long injury history, is kind of a ticking timebomb. Otherwise, an Honorable mention would go to Fred Warner

Reid305 went QB and LB.

Chiefs - Mahomes (no brainer)

49ers - Fred Warner

wolfpack1 is just going to roll with two guys from the same team.

Mahomes, without question. Since we are talking unicorns and rainbows might as well toss Kelce in there too.

sdphinsfan said these guys-->

Chiefs- 1st choice=Mahomes. 2nd Choice=Pacheco

Niners-1st Choice=Bosa. 2nd Choice=Warner

Bill Moody is all about the offensive line!

Chiefs - Creed Humphrey

49ers - Trent Williams

Well, that’s our list of great players. Thank you again to everyone who took part and answered the question of the day. Join us tomorrow afternoon for the Super Bowl live thread.