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Miami Dolphins Fans Chime In- Where Should The Dolphins Look In The First Round?

NFL: APR 28 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Earlier this week I asked the questions-

So what’s your take on the fact that the front office has signaled that it might not, yet again, have its first-round pick? Are you okay with not having a first-rounder again in 2024? And if so what would it take for you to move that pick at this point? If you don’t want them to trade away the pick what would you prefer they do with that pick instead?

Below are some of your thoughts and answers on the subject(s)-

marchcool wants the owner to resign... I am going to assume that marchcool meant “sell the team”. March also just randomly raged after that.

After losing the 1st rnd pick last year the owner S. Ross should’ve resigned once and for all. Whatever the FO decides to do with that pick this year they’re going to blow it. Maybe they will pick a punter or a tiny kick-returner. Or they will pick a player who will never play again or another bust like D. Jordan. With this owner and his putrid FO, anything bad can happen, the sky is the limit.

Pinkfish54 chose the short and sweet approach. Something tells me that Pink is going to be disappointed.

Keep it away from Chris Grier.

Crazygator wants a variety of positions addressed in the draft and a PUNTER!

I just look at our position, which isn’t very favorable for getting top talent for our worst needs. LT, DE/LB are not going to be there at 21. I would love to see us trade down somehow and get an extra 3rd and 4th round pick, but that’s a pipe dream too I think. So I would like to see Grier take the best, most sure-fire, plug-n-play Offensive lineman, even if it is a reach for 1st round. We have stunk so long on the Oline, and look at the two teams going to the SB. Two of the best lines in the NFL. However.. like others have said, if a stud LBer falls to 21, and he can run, tackle, cover, and has a nose for making plays, then I would go LB. 2nd round pick has to be a Guard. Hunt will command too much money for us to resign unless this CAP situation magically disappears. with the low-end picks, I would grab an RB since ours can’t stay healthy and McDiel does not seem to like using Wilson. A bigger WR, since I see no use in bringing back the majority of our FA WRers. And a PUNTER!

finfanfromsiam would like to trade down for an OT. Side note: Tua is not actually left-handed. He only throws left-handed.

I do not think we need an LT at 21. Tua is left-handed, a premier LT is not paramount. It’s not his blindside. My move would be to drop back a few spots, 24-28, pick up a later-round pick, and select an OT who still should be there. Maybe even grab a DT in round 1 and get the LT in round 2?

AquaAndOrange desperately wants a LT or LG.

Left Tackle or Left Guard (I know, but I’m desperate) in the first, and a Center in the second. I didn’t like the Kiper pick of Troy Fautanu at first, but I’ve come around

MIAMI235 wants the next ZT!

Middle linebacker!

PhinsTifosi is ready to give that sucker away. I hope we get something that we really need in exchange!

1st round pick? Who needs a first-round pick . . .SF is in the SB and has not had a 1st in what, 3 years?

Dwadeshouse wants some more weapons for Tua.

This is going to sound really obvious, but it depends on how FA goes. Our starting OL was really good, we just had health issues.

If I assume everyone comes back (which is admittedly unlikely). I think our biggest need is WR 3 or a pass-catching TE.

Alley Gator is being way too sensible for me but yes, I agree. Especially with the concept of possibly trading back just a bit to add a pick or two with such huge cap and depth issues.

Things we have to find out before we can think of who to draft:

1. Who is our DC, and what system is he bringing?

2. Are we going to lose any other coaches, and who?

3. Which of our FA’s are we re-signing, and are we getting anyone else’s FA’s?

Taking a blind guess in a vacuum, I’d trade our first-rounder for a Second-rounder, a third-rounder, and whatever else we can squeeze out of someone desperate to move up. Then I’d use those picks to bolster both lines. Other than a receiving TE, we’re pretty set at skill positions.

FirstWave points out that trading for anything high-priced is not good for the cap.

Trading #1 for veterans contributes to cap problems.

phinfan413 is ready to see Grier gone.

The first thing they should do is get a new GM to make the pick.

krammm says to load up on that OL in the first and then look at DL, WR, and CB in the second to third.

The 1st round is loaded with offensive line talent this year, at tackle and at guard. The 2nd round is loaded with interior D-line talent. These could be a starting left guard and Wilkins replacement. Lots of WRs and CBs available in the first two rounds also. Not many TEs, centers, or middle LBs there.

I am an offensive line first fan. Need to sign Hunt, Lamm, and possibly Williams. And still, draft another good O lineman.

Armstead's contract looks like he will be here another year but he has a choice.

Call_for_the_Priest’77 is as confused as I am but they did state that they might consider it with not an ounce of elaboration. The rest of the comment could stand alone as its own post that I will not attempt to summarize so read on folks. Good stuff!

Who in the FO is signaling that we have (or might be) trading away our 1st? This is very weird and confusing without any further elaboration.

As for potential uses of our 1st round pick, my summary is as follows:

1. Stud LB who can play OLB to start and then move inside to ILB when Chubb and Phillips return

2. Fierce pass-rushing DE

3. Solid day 1 starting capable CB

4. Top 5 to 8 ranked OT (trade up to about 15 OA position max)

5. Top 1 to 3 ranked G (trade down 10 to 20 spots to pick up extra draft capital)

#1) (Stud LB capable both inside and outside). I would love for a stud LB player to be there. This guy would have to be able to rush the passer as an OLB to start but then transfer inside to play ILB once we get guys like Chubb and Phillips back from their serious injuries which will carry over into next season. This would help fill the potential void if Baker is let go. Last year’s LB crop was very poor on the whole. I’m hoping this year’s can only be better but will it be enough?

#2) (Pure pass rusher, DE or OLB). If we can’t find our versatile stud LB in the first then we have to look for a stud pass rusher, either a pure DE or an OLB. Obgah’s name seems to be on everyone’s list of cap reduction casualties so that is yet another pass rusher we will likely need to replace.

#3) (CB, clear starting caliber week 1). CBs Xavien Howard and Cam Smith are big question marks going into next season. X’s spot on the team is even debatable as he too could find himself shipped off or simply cut loose for cap reduction. Will Cam Smith be able to start opposite Ramsey and if so, when? Apple wasn’t great as a starter last year but at least he was capable. Kader is better in slot coverage and still gets beat up by elite WRs too often. At this point of uncertainty, I’m willing to throw in a 1st round pick to try and solve the problem on a stud day 1 starting corner who doesn’t need 6 (in season) weeks or 6 years to learn the job!

#4) (Trade up to pick a top 5 to 8 ranked OT). I’m thinking we move up about 6 spots max (15 OA). Moving up to 15 would be hard enough to do. Any higher would likely call for too much capital. Any lower and we are looking at flyers instead of blue chips. Our stud OT would start at a guard spot like most newbie OTs do. Hopefully, Hunt will be back to man RG but there would still be an opening at LG even if Wynn(jury) is re-signed. Lamm (and Armstead if he is still here) can man LT and bring our guy along until he is ready to take over a tackle spot. In the meantime, I expect some fierce run-blocking and pass protection from the new guy!

#5) (Trade down 10 to 20 spots to pick the top 1 to 3 ranked Guard). I’m not looking for this guy to take over a tackle job at some point. I just want him to be a beast in run blocking and a wall in pass protection. Possibly we stay put at 21 to get this guy though only if he is an absolute blue chip that other teams are having a very long look at. Those circumstances are highly unlikely IMO. However, a strategic fallback might still keep us on target but with some extra capital sent our way. Maybe we get a 3rd rounder in return. Last year the first guard-classified player to come off the board did so in the second round (Steve Avila, 5th, 36 OA). That suggests to me a fallback from 21 sounds both practical and profitable.

EJPLAYA wants a solid center or NT or MLB.

Best center available. If none is worth taking there then huge nose tackle or best middle lber.

Bill Moody says load up on those linemen!

Trade up and get the best possible lineman. Then do that again in the next round... and the next.

PGPhinsFan wants to cut Armstead and draft another LT.

Draft an LT and cut Armstead to free up 8 million in cap. That way we have a LT that might be able to stay on the field the entire season.

TheMiamiUte wants to draft Tua’s replacement.

I’m going to get annihilated for this, but if Michael Penix is on the board, you select him. I’ve watched basically all of his games during the last two seasons and he’s really impressed me with his intellect and ability. If you draft him, you reset the QB contract clock and allow him to soak up the NFL while Tua plays his fifth and final season with the Dolphins.

If you want to address need without moving up, take Jackson Powers-Johnson, the Oregon Center if he’s still available, or Amarius Mims, the Georgia Tackle. It’s quite possible that both of these guys will be available for the Dolphins, Powers-Johnson in the 2nd, and Mims in the 1st.

darryldunphy wants to go either OL or DL.

I think it depends on a few things..Factors like defensive scheme, evolution of the offense, perhaps depth.. But to me it has to be either offensive or defensive line. Or if the team has a grade on an interior linebacker…That could be acceptable.

Remember…Football is a lot like chess in the fight for control of the middle of the board/field.

We have to be better at this on both sides of the ball…

Dolfanjoe agrees with me but I guess I am agreeing with him since he said it first.

Gotta have draft picks this year and next! No choice but to trade back for more picks. The NFL screwing us out of that 1st rounder hurt us badly and helped put us in the cap position we find ourselves in now.

Yarganaught is with the consensus voting for O-Line.

What should the 1st pick be? Any fan who says anything other than “O-line” should not be allowed to comment further.

What will the 1st pick be? Any fan who says is will be “O-line” should not be allowed to comment further. Those who know this team will know they will pick a CB, Safety, EDGE, or WR.

Well, that’s our random 20 comments for this evening. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to comment on our question of the day post. We will be back Saturday evening with another question of the day post.