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Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins Week 18: Your Game Predictions That Hit!

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Rich Storry/Getty Images

After an ugly loss in Baltimore our Miami Dolphins returned home and dropped yet another game that seemed winnable, to the Buffalo Bills.

Below we take a look at some of your predictions and see who “hit” or came close with their predictions for the Miami Dolphins last game-

Tua2HillWaddle correctly called Achane with a rushing TD.

Achane and Mostert each get a TD on the ground

Jamesgang called the win for the Bills, our questionable players not playing, more injuries to key players, and dropping to the number 6 seed. It’s a wait-and-see on the rest of his prediction.


I predict none of our questionable players will play this week

Three more injuries to key players

Welcome to the 6 seed and quick exit in KC

Seen this season-ending performance far too often for the Fins……hope I am 100% wrong

DolphinsKings1 was correctly concerned that there would be a lot of Bills fans at the game. It would be great if the Miami Dolphins season ticket holder would stop selling their ticket to out-of-town fan bases.

What will you be watching for that no one else seems to be discussing? Lots of Barfalo JiLLLLs fans

Call_for_the_Priest’77 correctly called Wilkins as one of the bright spots in the game. Wilkins had a solid 5 solo tackles as well as the triple play sack/forced fumble/fumble recovery.

DEF Star: C. Wilkins

sinail is another that saw a win for the Bills.


Rest Tua, Tyreke, and all the other questionables, beat the not-so-tough chiefs next week and then the week after the same score, but in Buffalo this time

MiMiami is another that saw the Buffalo win coming. Also, hit on Achane having another TD.

Who is going to win straight up? Buffalo (the team). Buffalo (the city) is still irrelevant in today’s world.

Who do you think will be the star(s) of the game on offense? No one. I guess Achane gets a TD?

wolfpack1 called the loss for the Phins and that the Bills would hold Miami to only 14 points on the day. Also was correct that Josh Allen would be the leading rusher for the Bills.

I don’t see it being very close. The dolphins are banged up and if this gets ugly early, they should consider resting some players. Miami has done a great job of winning against bad teams and got lucky against the Cowboys. Gotta have a little good fortune and hopefully, I will be wrong this Sunday.

Bills: 35, Dolphins 14

Diggs has a career day. JA leading rusher for the Bills.

Miami7 correctly predicted sadness.

Buffalo (sadly)

Yarganaught was also correct on Wilkins having a great game.

Who do you think will be the star(s) of the game on defense? AVG and Wilkins

sdphinsfan saw Ingram's really nice game coming.

Who do you think will be the star(s) of the game on defense? Ingram had 5 tackles, 4 solo, and 1.5 sacks on the day.

Eunectesboy predicted the Bills win and the Bills scoring 21 points.

Who is going to win straight up? Buffalo

What is your final score prediction, win or lose? 21-20

It was slim pickings again as far as correct predictions. I have to say that making these posts following a loss is a real downer. I do appreciate every one of you who took the time to make a prediction. We will be back tomorrow evening with yet another prediction post for this upcoming weekend's wildcard playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

If you would like to join in on the conversations where we highlight some of our favorite predictions for that week’s game (and even some that I disagree with) please be sure to sign up for a Phinsider account. The week’s predictions post will be posted during the week on Wednesday evening with the follow-up to the game post the following Tuesday evening.