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Phinsider Open Thread/Question Of The Day: Mike McDaniel Edition

Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Maybe it’s my fault for ever wading into the cesspool that is X (formally Twitter) but after the loss to the Baltimore Ravens, it suddenly seemed as if more fans than ever had turned on the Miami Dolphins still fairly new head coach Mike McDaniel. Don't get me wrong, the vast majority still seemed to be totally on board with McDaniel but the other voices were louder and more numerous than before. I guess I was surprised because this latest in a very long line of head coaching experiments has gone better than I think many expected. Despite the success of the team overall many fans were ready to jettison McDaniel just as fast as so many others have gone before.

Maybe the expectations were raised so fast when there was some early success and flashes of what appears to be pending greatness that some fans see every setback as the end of the world. At times under this coaching staff, both the offense and now the defense have looked like the best in the NFL. Perhaps my belief that these sometimes ugly hiccups are just part of the growing pains for a guy who is a first-time head coach is correct. Maybe I am wrong and I wear those so-called rose-colored glasses too much and this is all destined to fail like all of the other coaching experiments that we have seen over the last 2 plus decades have. I honestly don’t know but I am not sure that anyone else does either.

We would have all liked to see things go better this past Sunday as well as in many other past games. None of that is to say that any of us have gone without frustration over some of the decisions that we have seen made by McDaniel. I also believe that if any of us had been told that the Dolphins would enter week 18 owning first place in the division, having already locked down a spot in the playoffs for the second consecutive year and having the ability to secure the division title with just one more win that every single one of us fans would have said, “Hell yes I’ll take that!”. Imagine if you were told all of that and then handed a list of injuries to key players all over the field, what would you have said then?

So tonight’s question is do you feel that Mike McDaniel is the right man to head up this team going forward and long into the future? Are you completely sold, not yet sold, or already decided that it’s time to unfortunately go shopping yet again for a new staff?

Please give us your thoughts in the comments section below-