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Phinsider Question Of The Day: What Should The Dolphins Do With Their First Round Pick?

SPORTS-FBN-HYDE-COLUMN-FL Amy Beth Bennett/South Florida Sun Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

After losing their 2023 first-round draft pick as punishment for the behavior of owner Stephen Ross the Miami Dolphins front office is again signalling that they might not have a first-rounder in 2024. This would mean that they either traded it away for another player(s), pick(s), or a combination of both. There is still plenty to debate about the league snatching away draft picks from the Phins, a punishment that seems to hurt the fans more than a billionaire owner. Either way, the assumption is that the Dolphins would want to hold onto their first-rounder this year after not having one in the previous draft.

Now I for one understand trading that pick away if someone comes along and offers a deal that you just can't turn down. But what’s the point that you jump at a huge deal for a single pick and you just don’t even consider it? For me, it would be the chance to grab a generational kind of player. AKA that player that you stick on an offense or defense who then single-handedly elevates the play of the entire unit on a consistent basis over a long period of time and can at times literally take over the game via their insane level of play. Outside of that, not a single player or pick should be sacred if the right compensation for said pick is good enough or in some cases beyond belief.

So what’s your take on the fact that the front office has signaled that it might not, yet again, have its first-round pick? Are you okay with not having a first-rounder again in 2024? And if so what would it take for you to move that pick at this point? If you don’t want them to trade away the pick what would you prefer they do with that pick instead?

Please give us your answers and thoughts in the comments section below-