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Phinsider Question Of The Day: Is Tua A Franchise QB?

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Kara Durrette/Getty Images

Few topics have been more contentious among Miami Dolphins fans over the years than our quarterback situation, at least since the great Dan Marino decided to call it a day. Our former signal caller, Just as his predecessor Ryan Tannehill did, current signal caller Tua Tagovailoa causes more than his fair share of ugly debates around the internet. Adding to the vitriol on various online Miami Dolphins forums and social media is the fact that the team enters this offseason and next season at the point where they will have to make their long-term decision on Tua.

Miami as most of you know decided to pick up Tua’s fifth-year option meaning that Tua will go from a 4th year cap hit of $9,633,093 for the 2023 season to a cap hit of $23,171,000 in 2024. This represents a 240% raise year over year and accounts for almost 10% of the 2024 estimated salary cap of 242 Million. This is also against the backdrop of the other issue the Dolphins have, that they are going into the offseason at nearly 52 million over the cap and needing to find ways to seriously cut that and more to fill out the roster. Miami currently has 46 players under contract with a laundry list of pending free agents. The smart call, if the team was 100% sold on the fact that Tua is the QB of the future, would be to extend him now, giving them much-needed cap relief for 2024.

There are two other options. The first one is that they allow Tua to play on his guaranteed contract for next season giving them one more season to make a final decision before giving him more money than... The second option is if they do not honestly believe that he is the answer would be to trade him. Sure, that leaves us with no QB but this gives them something in return for their investment while also cutting the amount that the team is over the cap by nearly half. This of course requires someone willing to give what they want in return and so on but this is all hypothetical for now anyway.

So tonight’s question is do you see Tua as a franchise quarterback for the Dolphins and would you like to see them give him the big money deal now? Or...would you like to see the team take their time, and give him another year under center before deciding? your mind already made up and you think it's time to cut bait while his stock is still somewhat high and get what we can and move on?

Please give us your thoughts and answers in the comments section below-