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Phinsider Question Of The Day: Miami Dolphins Coaching Needs 2024

NFL: JAN 13 AFC Wild Card - Dolphins at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Our Miami Dolphins are coming off yet another season that saw the team make the playoffs. Some will see a second consecutive season making the playoffs as success by itself and some will see a one-and-done in the playoffs as a failure. Others are still bent over the fact that the team allowed first place in the AFC playoffs and the division title to slip away from them at the end of the season.

Given that we are all at the very least dissatisfied (or at least we should be) what needs to change? Sure the roster needs to be reworked for multiple reasons as we covered in last night's post (check it here) but what about coaching? While the coaching staff made a lot of solid decisions and calls throughout the season there were, I have to assume, question marks along the way for all of us. That alone does not necessarily require a coach to be replaced but sometimes if it's a persistent issue that the staff seems unable to correct then either the players need to be changed or the coach(s).

So tonight’s question of the day is if you were the GM/Owner of the Dolphins would you keep the entire coaching staff intact or would you make some key changes with certain coaching positions? Who, if you have someone in mind, would you then replace them with?

Please give us your answers in the comments section below-