Dolphins should review Grier's performance as GM

While Dolphins GM Chris Grier has brought us two consecutive playoffs appearance's should that be good enough? Remember all of the draft capitol that was traded away or wasted on bad picks before you start to defend the path Grier has taken. Trading 1st rounders for proven player's is no way to build long term success. Nailing your draft picks consistently brings you the best results as young players have not been pounded on for 5 years and you get them for 5 years at a much cheaper rate. No successful franchise like San Fran, Pitsburgh, Baltimore or any others who sustain winning are doing it by getting rid of prime draft picks for high prices free agents. My point is we never had a chance the past two years to win a Super Bowl because we had no depth and our we are paying half of our salary cap to guys who are injury prone or simply are not the players they were when they signed their big deals other than Tyrik Hill and Bradley Chubb. Let's be honest here. Our defense is past it's prime other than Ramsey and Chubb we are paying 3 defensive guys big money who are at the end of there careers. We are 40 million over the cap and we have guys we need to keep and it's impossible and forget about the fact we need more depth to be added. Grier sold the farm for a two year pipedream who's only chance was never realistic because injuries are going to happen. Unfortunately we had more than you would expect and if not for great coaching we would have never made the playoffs as every star on the team spent time on the IR or were out for the season except a few. Had we picked 7 first rounders the last three years and all the other 2nd and 3rds we had then the cap would be no issue and we would be full of young stars if Grier were doing even a above average job. Way to many picks who never panned out or even seen the field. The key to contending year after year and staying competitive is to take your lumps and you must have a great GM and we have had enough time to see that our GM is a wheeler and dealer of picks because he does not trust he can hit the mark come draft time. I understand Grier had to make some big moves because his seat was hot but he bet our entire future to keep his job and now we are left with empty cubbards and a ton of dead cap money if we cut our over the hill high paid players. Now we have to wonder how we keep Wilkens or Tua without gutting the roster. Fan for 53 years and unless a miracle occurs we have no chance of success the next 3 years because you cannot buy success in the NFL other than short term. Grier took a chance and gambled the future away and now we need to consider finding someone who is capable of drafting and developing our picks and then when we need 1 guy to put us over the top we do it knowing we have a 4 to 5 year window to legitimately contend and not 2 years of pipe dreams.Thanks Mr. Grier for your hard work but I feel we have changed everything except you and nothing has really worked. Go Fins!!!

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