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NFL Divisional Round 2024 odds: Winners picks for second round of playoffs

The NFL playoffs are on to what is widely considered the best weekend of the year - the Divisional Round. Who do our experts think will win this weekend?

NFL: OCT 16 Bills at Chiefs

The NFL playoffs for 2024 have moved on from the Wild Card round to the Divisional Round, drawing the Super Bowl contenders down to the final four teams from each conference. In the AFC, the first round saw a chalk result, leading to the fourth seeded Houston Texans facing the first-seeded Baltimore Ravens and the third-seeded Kansas City Chiefs headed to a game against the second-seeded Buffalo Bills.

Over in the NFC, a first-round upset has the seventh-seeded Green Bay Packers visiting the first-seeded San Francisco 49ers while the fourth-seeded Tampa Bay Buccaneers are at the third-seeded Detroit Lions.

As we do every week here on The Phinsider, our contributors are back with their picks for all of the Divisional Round games. Our predictions pool runs all season and primarily focuses on the straight-up winners for each game. We are able to make picks against the spread as well, with the odds for the game brought to us by DraftKings Sportsbook. You can also check out any picks against the spread or point total over/under picks in the graphic below, brought to us by Tallysight.

Before we get to the picks, it is time to reset our season-long standings for the group.

Wild Card results:

Sumeet Jena 4-2
James McKinney 4-2
Kevin Nogle 4-2
Nick Sabatino 3-3
Marek Brave 2-4
George Forder 2-4
Josh Houtz 2-4
Overall standings:

James McKinney 182-96
Sumeet Jena 181-97
Kevin Nogle 173-105
Marek Brave 163-115
George Forder 163-115
Josh Houtz 160-118


Nick Sabatino 142-102*
Jake Mendel 128-82*

*Jake Mendel and Nick Sabatino have missed making picks for at least one full week of the season. We will continue to track their picks throughout the rest of the season, but we will not include them in the overall standings.

Here are our picks for this weekend’s games: