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Justin Houston’s goal with the Dolphins is simple: I came here to put pressure on the quarterback

Outside linebacker Justin Houston has 112 sacks since joining the league in 2011.

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Justin Houston was one of three pass rushers signed by the Miami Dolphins after losing Andrew Van Ginkel, Cameron Goode, and Jerome Baker to season-ending injuries against the Buffalo Bills. A third-round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Houston, 34, played seven games with the Carolina Panthers earlier this season.

“Thank God for my experience so it’s easier to learn the playbook,” Houston said of finding his rhythm in Miami. “I’ve been in this system before, so it’s not that bad. I’m in a good situation because I’ve played in a system similar to this when I was in Carolina.

“It’s not too much on me. But if I was a young guy, there would be a lot on my plate. But I’m cool right now.”

The Dolphins finished the regular season third in the NFL with 56 total sacks. Bradley Chubb led the team with 11 quarterback takedowns, one ahead of Zack Sieler. Fellow defensive tackle Christian Wilkins ranks third with nine sacks, and due to waves of injuries, Houston will be needed on the edge Saturday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

“I’m a pass rusher,” Houston said. “That’s my job is to put pressure on the quarterback. So I came here to put pressure on the quarterback.”

Houston was drafted by the Chiefs and spent eight seasons in Kansas City. He was a four-time Pro Bowler and a 2014 first-team All-Pro with 22 sacks and four forced fumbles.

“Have you seen that locker room? It’s a closet,” Houston joked. “That’s not a locker room. They’re going to put us in a closet. (laughter) But it’s cool man. New environment. I’m just happy I’m still playing ball so it’s a blessing to be here.

“I think we can do a great rotation to keep everybody fresh. I think it would be good for us and this team.”