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Your Miami Dolphins 2023 Awards?

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

The 2023 season has not even ended for our Miami Dolphins and the team has already handed out their annual team awards to individual players. (you can see the awards here) As our Phins head into the wild card round of the playoffs this Saturday with a facedown against the Kansas City Chiefs, what would be your awards if you, the fan got to choose and hand out individual awards?

We want to hear your list of awards for the players. You can choose to use the list of awards that the team used or come up with your own list of awards. Please remember to stay inside of the site rules so that Bill’s head does not explode but outside of that, it's up to you what you award to who and for what.

Please remember to join us back here on Saturday night for the live game thread when the Dolphins face off against the Chiefs. We will follow that up with a post on Tuesday evening to see who hit on their predictions for that same game.

Please give us your list of awards in the comments section below-