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Bruce Irvin sounds poised to hit the ground running in Miami

The Miami Dolphins are introducing some new faces for the playoffs.

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Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Twleth-year linebacker Bruce Irvin is 36 years old but sounds ready to prove himself as one of the newest members of the Miami Dolphins, his seventh team after stints with the Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, and Detroit Lions.

“I’m a dawg,” Irvin said Wednesday when asked about what he offers the team. “That’s what I can say. I’m a dawg... I feel like I might be 36, but I don’t move like it. So I just can’t wait to show y’all and can’t wait to see how y’all tell me, ‘dang, he was right.’”

The Lions signed Irvin to the practice squad in November and played 43 snaps throughout the regular season. He appeared in three games, earning one sack of his 56.5 career sacks while in Detroit before his release last week.

The additions of Irvin and Justin Houston were announced on Tuesday, the same day linebackers Jerome Baker, Cameron Goode, and Andrew Van Ginkel were placed on Injured Reserve.

Miami lists Emmanuel Ogbah and Melvin Ingram as starters for Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Both Houston and Irvin are listed on the second stringer after just days in South Florida.

“We’ve just all been rotating in,” Irvin said when asked how much he expects to play. “It’s really a special room to have this many good rushers on the same team at one time, so a lot of knowledge. I’ve been in the league 12 years, but you never can learn too much. ‘J. Houston’ is a guy I looked up to and I followed his career.

“Melvin Ingram, we got drafted the same year so I know a lot about him, so there’s just a lot of knowledge in the room and that’s pretty dope to be around and hopefully we can be together for longer than one week.”