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Dolphins prop bets vs. Chargers 2023 Week 1

Taking a look at some of the prop bets available for the Miami Dolphins against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 1.

NFL: Preseason-Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

We are almost there! The Miami Dolphins are playing regular season football tomorrow afternoon as they visit the Los Angeles Chargers to kickoff the 2023 regular season. The Dolphins will be looking to avenge an ugly loss last season to the Chargers and to get off to a strong start for the year. Kickoff for the game is set for 4:25 p.m. ET with television coverage on CBS.

While fans will be looking for Miami to begin their march toward the playoffs for the second straight year, there will also be plenty of interest in betting on the Dolphins this year. While we all talk about the straight-up winner or the point spread for a game, there are also always prop bets that can be made on the game and the individual players in the contest. This morning we take a look at some of the prop bets that are available for the Dolphins’ players against the Chargers.

In case you do not know, prop bets are wagers that are specific to an event or player inside a bigger contest. Bets can be on things like player statistics, which team does something specific, or who is the first to do something. Some of the most well-known prop bets each year is on the exact length of the National Anthem before the Super Bowl or the color of the Gatorade that will be poured over the winning coach after the Super Bowl. A player statistic prop typically provides a fractional stat total, with bets made for the player going over or under that mark.

Bets are placed like moneyline bets, using + and - odds. The favorite on the moneyline, or in the prop bet, is indicated by a negative number, such as -150. Using this example, a bettor would have to place a $150 bet to win $100 (a total of $250 returned).

The underdog is represented by a positive number, such as +150. In this case, the bettor would place a $100 bet to win $150 if the prop hits (again, $250 returned).

Here are some of the prop bets for tomorrow’s Dolphins at Chargers game, brought to us by DraftKings Sportsbook. Check them out for all of the available prop bets for the game.

Tua Tagovailoa, 256.5 passing yards

Over: -115; Under: -115

This game is probably going to be an offensive shootout. The point total for the game is the second-highest in the league this week, according to DraftKings Sportsbook, and Miami has proven themselves to be a pass-first offense. Tagovailoa has something to prove after a 10-for-28 for 145 yards and a touchdown performance last year against the Chargers. Even though Miami head coach Mike McDaniel has said he will commit to the run more this season, this feels like a big aerial attack type of game as the offenses go toe-to-toe. Bet: Over.

Raheem Mostert, 63.5 rushing yards

Over: -115; Under: -115

This one might be tougher than it seems. The Dolphins want to rush the ball, they are expected to make a more concerted effort to do that, and they could use this week to prove they are going to do it. The rushing attack could be a focus early tomorrow, which could give Mostert the ability to eclipse 63.5 yards. What we do not know yet is how much of the game plan will be covered by Mostert as compared to Salvon Ahmed and De’Von Achane. Will Miami give the ball to Mostert as the primary runner, or will it be a platoon situation? Bet: Under - but not convincingly.

Tyreek Hill, 82.5 receiving yards

Over: -115; Under: -115

If Tagovailoa is going to go over 256.5 yards, and if Hill is going to reach the 2,000-yard mark that is his goal for this year, a big game tomorrow could be in the works. Hill averaged 100.6 yards per game last year. Bet: Over.

Jaylen Waddle, 65.5 receiving yards

Over: -115; Under: -115

Waddle has been slowed by an oblique injury this summer, and, while he is cleared to play, he may still have some lingering issues. He averaged 79.8 yards per game last year, but this feels like the Miami coaching staff may try to limit Waddle’s exposure in this game, keeping him healthy for the rest of the season. Bet: Under

Durham Smythe, 1.5 receptions

Over: -130; Under: +100

The tight end position will be interesting to watch this year. Miami seems likely to use the tight end as a sixth offensive lineman rather than a pass-catching threat, but 1.5 receptions feels low - and the odds seem to agree with that - when Tagovailoa may use him as his emergency outlet on any given play. That said, he was only targeted more than twice in a game on two occasions last year and he caught more than 1.5 passes in a game three times. Bet: Under.

Jerome Baker, 6.5 tackle

Over: +100; Under: -130

Baker has been a tackling machine for the Dolphins since arriving in 2018. He has at least 100 tackles on the season in three of the last four seasons. He has been a solid to good linebacker for the team and he should continue that in new defensive coordinator Vic Fangio’s scheme. However, in reaching exactly 100 tackles last year, Baker only surpassed 6.5 tackles in six games. With the addition of David Long, Jr., Baker may see some of his tackles stolen. This one feels like the most 50/50 of the props listed here. Bet: Under.

Jason Sanders, 1.5 field goals made

Over: +114; Under: -145

If this does turn into an offensive shootout, the Dolphins may not be able to afford multiple field goals, but it feels like they are more likely to see that happen than not. Bet: Over.

Dolphins 1st drive result

Punt +145
Touchdown +185
Field Goal Attempt +320
Turnover, Turnover on downs, safety +550

This one is kind of fun. The Dolphins sometimes struggle on their opening possession, needing time to get into a rhythm, and it leads to an early punt. If they come out already having that rhythm, a touchdown could be in order. I am going to predict the Dolphins are in rhythm, but a pre-snap penalty kills the drive and the Dolphins attempt one of the multiple field goals for Sanders this week. Bet: Field Goal Attempt