Step up Coach !

Are you ready for some football? I’m totally pumped for the season to start, with our TOP 5 roster and superior coaching we should be good to go – right ?

Chargers 20-17 over Miami is my prediction. (sadly)

Look I WANT A WIN badly…but Is the "NERD BOY" coach MCD ready for the challenge ? I fear not. Look, what I see is a guy who (like all coaches of the past 30 years) sticking to his system stubbornly. He (and Grier) have made the same mistake this year with the roster. Not enough OL help. AND not enough POWER in the backfield. Miami really needs a power RB. (the unproven rookie is decent but is he enough?) Most likely Lamm starts at LT and Jackson at RT they go up against BOSA and MACK. FYI – last years embarrassing loss in SD, Bosa didn’t play, and their defense (by packing in the 12-18 yard zone) shut down Tua and the offense. MCD did NOTHING to combat this. (17-7 at the half) 23-17 loss and Hill had two big plays to account for 14 points.

Lets recap the "Nerd King’s" offense: 219 total yards – that’s all. Tua was a PATHETIC 10/28 for 145 yards with 1 td (60 YDS TO Hill) . The FINS managed to rush for 92 yards – (misleading BC Tua had 28 yards on scrambles) and that is the key to this years game. RUN THE DAM BALL. Sure you have to throw to Hill/Waddle/Berrios But you must protect Tua and keep the ball away from Herbert. 29/51 for 367 yards even though he was sacked 4 times. Literally he owned us.

The KEY to this whole season – Is, can MCD stop with all the useless, predictable, motion - leading to the TE (who wont be a pass game factor) cracking down to block ? This offense FOOLS NO ONE And our VERY average OL needs MCD to occasionally trick the defense to keep them honest. MCD must evolve and Improve his play calling, clock management, AND HIS FIRE. Can someone name a great SB winning head coach who showed very little anger and passion ? Nerds make great OC’s but give me a head coach with that FIRE who does not tolerate bad calls without getting in the face of the refs. I’ve seen none of that with the "players love him" MCD, AKA the Nerd Boy.

Lastly – I want to be wrong, but this team looked terrible in preseason, the OL is still unsettled, and T-REX Armstead probably doesn’t play…. Its going to take superior coaching and protection of Tua to win, as well as a great Defensive plan from Vic.

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