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Mike McDaniel gives the Manning brothers a piece of his mind in promo video for ESPN’s ‘ManningCast’

Peyton and Eli Manning’s search for a third ‘ManningCast’ host was certainly eventful.

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

ESPN Monday Night Football features a unique wrinkle as Peyton and Eli Manning host the ‘ManningCast’ simulcast, which airs on ESPN2 during the game.

Entering year three of the ‘ManningCast,’ Omaha Productions released a video showcasing Peyton and Eli’s search for a third host. The Mannings interviewed Lil Wayne, Tom Brady, Sean McVay, Pat McAfee, Reese Witherspoon, Mike Tyson, and even Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel.

The playful video features a variety of candidates trying out for the position until McDaniel takes the stage. Miami’s second-year coach — much like Tyson — didn’t hold back any punches.

“You guys are terrible evaluators,” McDaniel says with a stone-cold look at the 2:12 mark.

Looking back to his time on Saturday Night Live, Peyton Manning has always had a strong sense of humor. Since retiring, he and Omaha Productions have added another layer of personality to the NFL season.

That said, coach McDaniel is making his way up the list when meshing a dry personality and football knowledge.